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  • Against School Uniforms

    Although some people may think schools need school uniforms, I for one am against having school uniforms forced upon the students. I am against school uniforms because it can not show your personality through your style of clothing, freedom of expression, and it is too expensive if you have too many children. If we have to wear what we do not want, the world will never be the same. First, we should not have to wear school uniforms because the students cannot show their own personality through…

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  • Have Sports Brought Down America's School Summary

    Sports and School? Sports and School? Which one weighs the other one more? Many people would say it’s not even close school and academic is so much better for a kid than participating in a sport in high school. In the article “Have Sports Teams Brought Down America’s School?” Elizabeth Kolbert is urging for schools to out sports, so there will be no distraction when it comes to academic learning. Well, I am hear to tell you that we should not completely eliminate sports in high school because…

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  • First Amendment Rights In Schools

    Our first amendment right gives us the right to say what we want, and where we want, which Americans hold near and dear to them. First amendment rights seem to clash when it comes to students. The article argues that student speech should be treated differently depending on whether the speech occurs under school supervision. In the article, it talks about student speech under school supervision and student speech outside of the school. Outside of school students are fully…

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  • Against School Uniforms Essay

    school and the usage of it in the USA is slowly finding his way into public school as well. In recent years, however, an increasing number of public school districts have implemented a school uniform policy and formed the basis of a school’s dress code. In order to stop the gang war problem in public school, former president Bill Clinton came up with the idea of public school uniforms policy. In the year 2009,…

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  • Should Students Be Required To Wear School Uniform Essay

    Catholic Schools and uniforms go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, many high school students compare wearing school uniforms to an anchovy and liver sandwich. Personally, I much prefer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don’t why students are so resistant to school uniforms. Students should be required to wear school uniforms because they reduce socioeconomic disparities, help students focus on work rather than the clothes they are wearing, and students would spend less…

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  • Dress Code Violations In Schools

    When teachers give dress code violations to a girl for wearing shorts that are too short or because her choice in clothing is ‘innappropriate’, you are telling her that hiding her body and normal female parts (such as stomach, shoulders or thighs) is more important than her education. You are also telling her that a boys’ disturbance-free learning is more significant than her disturbance-free learning. Obviously some degree of dress code is important but shoulders, stomach and thighs should not…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Maumee Valley

    On the popular show Gossip Girl, characters arrive at school every day looking pristine and put together, with their plaid skirts, crisply pressed button up shirts, and cashmere blazers. Though Maumee Valley is no TV show and may not be set in the bustling streets of New York City, we should take note of the iconic school uniforms. A school uniform policy is a fundamental change in the environment of students (Bowen). This could improve our school image and let Maumee Valley reach its highest…

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  • United Uniforms Rhetorical Analysis

    In the student essay, United Uniforms, the writer tries to persuade their audience to support the introduction of standardized uniforms for public schools in the United States. The audience for the paper is the American education system and the parents of students. We are given stories of students who took their own lives due to conflicts at school; this is important because schools are often searching for ways to avoid the preventable loss of their students. The paper also explicitly states…

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  • Get Rid Of Dress Code Essay

    Schools should change or get rid of the dress code because it's unfair, a waste of money, and it’s a waste of time. 70% to 85% of kids don’t want a dress code. The dress code prevents kids from expressing themselves I think that we should get rid of it or change it to only a couple things are dress code . The dress code is unfair to kids it takes a lot of time to get ready because of the dress code they have to find the right close so they don’t get in trouble. They can't wear what…

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  • Outdated Dress Code In Schools

    Outdated Dress Code, Outdated Punishments Do you feel offended when someone bares their shoulders? How about when someone wears pajama bottoms or slippers? What if a boy has long hair, earrings, and a dress? These are just a few issues with dress code in schools. Schools are not allowing students to express themselves freely. This is an issue we must change. School dress codes are meant to keep students from being distracted, to help them learn better. While this may help little situations,…

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