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  • Final Concentration Of Eosin Essay

    Results: At the start of the experiment, the initial flow rate was established as 20 ml min-1. This means that there is a steady flow of fluid or blood in your body (in this case, water) at a rate of 20ml min-1. In order to find the final concentration of the Eosin (2,5 mg ml-1) in the “blood” after 60 minutes a calibration curve had to be created by making up seven different solutions of eosin (11,25 μg ml-1) and water to compare it against their absorbance that was calculated in a…

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  • Ultrasonic Induced Nucleation

    Freezing and crystallization are linked in that both processes involve initial nucleation followed by crystallization. Sonication is thought to enhance both the nucleation rate and rate of crystal growth in a saturated or supercooled medium by producing a large number of nucleation sites in the medium throughout the ultrasonic exposure. Two main theories which explained the mechanism of nucleation are Hickling theory and molecular segregation theory. Among two theories Hickling is most commonly…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Animals In Captivity

    When families go to SeaWorld they are surrounded by sea creatures; some of the main attractions include dolphin shows and sensational performances of the Killer Whales. Audiences view the shows and enjoy tricks that trainers and animals perform. However, they can be dangerous but can still have a playful personality with a lot of intelligence (Kirby, 3). Unfortunately, these large animals are in tanks that keep them restricted from returning to the ocean, thus placing themselves and their…

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  • 6-Week Health Program: A Case Study

    days of complete rest before she could resume her exercise regime. Although she claimed that the injury was not severe, it must be taken seriously as a recurrent knee injury might occur. Also, there may be slight differences in the values of heart rate recorded by the treadmill and her Fitbit…

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  • Why Is 401k Important

    Importance in investing in a 401k Plan The most important things high school students have to focus on are good grades, SAT/ACT tests, extracurriculars, and also retirement plans. I am here to tell you today that timeliness is extremely important and to start investing money as early as possible. Many fail to realize the utmost importance of investing in a 401k retirement plan right when you start working. A 401 k plan lets you set aside money into a retirement account for it to be saved…

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  • Senior Executive Assistant: Case Study

    situation where the daily duties and responsibilities Erika handles each day effects all bureaus within the agency, while Callie’s duties primary impact the Communication Bureau. Sadly, an income disparity exists as Callie is compensated at a higher rate. While it is impractical and unproductive to attempt to determine which employee has the most demanding duties or which duties have the greatest impact throughout the agency, the crucial and fundamental fact is that an income disparity has…

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  • Alka-Seltzer Experiment

    In this lab, the main question is, what is the ideal ratio of Alka-Seltzer to water that will produce the longest canister flight time? In the first experiment, we asked, what amount of water will produce the longest canister flight time? In the second experiment, the question was, what amount of Alka-Seltzer will produce the longest canister flight time? The main reason this lab was split into two parts was because there can only be one independent variable per lab, therefore, the water and…

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  • Daphnia Heart Rate Lab Report

    Heart Rate This lab experiment was conducted on Daphnias to test the chemical effects on its heart rate. In this experiment we determined the effects of caffeine and alcohol on the small organism. If the Daphnia is submerged in alcohol the heart rate will slow down, as if it’s submerged in caffeine it will speed up. The experiment measured how the stimulant caffeine or alcohol affected the Daphnia. The objective was to see how alcohol and caffeine would affect the Daphnia's heart rate.…

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  • Artificial Reef Case Study

    minutes is a suitable amount of time for self-administered questionnaires to last.56 The mail surveys used by Ditton et al.6 were 11 pages long, this could also have contributed to the low response rate. Needham et al.39 had a four-paged survey that lasted approximately 15 minutes, with an 87% response rate and resulting in 2821 surveys. This would imply that this was an appropriate length for a survey, otherwise it is unlikely so many would have been…

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  • The Hot Ice Experiment

    The theoretical concepts that underlie the Hot Ice experiment involve a supercooled, supersaturated aqueous solution becoming a solid. When a liquid is cooled beyond its freezing point but remains liquid is known as supercooling or undercooling, and being supersaturated occurs when the solutes in a solution exceed the saturation point. The sodium acetate in a supercooled state will rapidly change into a solid with the addition of physical energy or a nucleation site. During the transformation of…

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