Consonance and dissonance

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  • Classical Music Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, better known as just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer’s life span: Born in January 27, 1756 and died in December 5, 1791 Location: Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, son of Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Perti. Mozart was raised in Salzburg, Austria along with his only sister Maria Anna. Mozart did a good amount of traveling before finally settling in Vienna, Austria with his wife Constanze Weber. Genres:…

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  • Paleolithic Music Development

    philosophers interpreted music as a reflection of harmony of the universe and related it the health and behavior of people. The contribution to music by the Greeks was paramount. They included fundamental concepts such as notes, intervals, consonance / dissonance.…

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  • Comparing Math In Relation To Harmonics And Tonal Color Of Instruments

     Musical Notes Can Count Jerri Pineda Abstract— The development of mathematics involves early connections with music and the basic physics of sound. Mathematics is present in the natural occurrence of the ratios and intervals found in music and modern tuning systems. As people age, their hearing becomes dull and require change in the music ratio and interval to hear the same tune as when young. In like manner, the interval increases until a perfect pitch is heard. In this paper we will examine…

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  • The Red Centre Poem Analysis

    This song brings a fresh perspective to listeners both graphically and musically on Australia’s history as reflected in an epic “Symphony of Australia”, juxtaposes consonance and dissonance, beauty and ruggedness, thick texture with simple moments. Didgeridoo and other non-western instruments are used to give a more authentic voice to some of the movement. This epic is divided into 6 movements and The red centre is the third…

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  • Musicking The Now Analysis

    “loud-quiet-loud” dynamics. The verses are quiet and understated, while the chorus increases in tempo and loudness. It also makes full use of J. Mascis’ laconic, nasally drawl to contrast with the fullness of the sound. The song also plays with consonance and dissonance; while the verses are consonant, the guitar in the chorus becomes much more distorted and therefore more dissonant. Although the song is homophonic, the primary melodic line is not driven by the vocals. Instead, it is the…

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  • The Importance Of Music And Language

    The tone of a piece depends on multiple aspects such as meter (or rhythm), dynamics, tempo, and consonance or dissonance. Louder dynamics indicate higher energy and can suggest elements such as anger and surprise. Slower tempos are used in pieces to establish moods such as sadness, languor, or relaxation. Similarly to how changes in such changes in musical…

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  • Hermosa Culture

    One unique thing about the Hermosa culture is its population. Hermosa people have a high fertility rate which accounts for the population explosion witnessed in the past thousands of years. It is located in the southern coastal part of Seminole. The capital of Hermosa is Bella. There are three main ethnic groups: Pride, Aries, and Sikes. The South Western part of Seminole is home to most Pride, and they are among the group of Hermosa where culture is still pretty much preserved. They are well…

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  • Petrus De Cruce Analysis

    The primary discussion this paper will address Petrus de Cruce's Aucun ont trouve/Lonc tans/Annuntiantes and its significance both historically and culturally on the motet genre. One of significance aspects of this piece is the voice range of triplum and motetus as well as how rhythmetrically complex it is. While not completely confined to that, the paper will discuss the characteristics of the motet as well as the implication of musical content and texture that Cruce used in his piece. The…

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  • Stravinsky Accomplishments

    In comparison to other notable composers of Western art music, Stravinsky enjoyed one of the longest careers, actively composing for nearly seven decades. Having reached critical acclaim for his work in The Firebird in 1910, Stravinsky continued to compose for the next sixty-one years, during which numerous world-changing events took place. Also, throughout this time, Stravinsky was exposed to a variety of cultures, having migrated to multiple places around the globe in the interest of…

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  • Hector Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique 5th Movement

    Romanticism was a period that started in the early 19th century, primarily in England and Germany. At first Romanticism influenced the literature world, but by 1820s musicians started to adopt the style in their music as well. Hector Berlioz was a French composer during the Early Romantics period in the 1830s. He is most famously known for his piece “Symphony Fantastique” 5th Movement composed in 1830, where he tells about his own personal love for an Irish Actress, Harriet Smithson. Hector…

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