Consonance and dissonance

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  • Stravinsky Rite Of Spring

    Many neuroscientists hold that humans reconstruct their memories and diverge from authenticity through continuous recollection (Radiolab, 2010). Moreover, the brain’s preference for consonance causes dissonance to agitate nerves (Radiolab, 2010). To illustrate, before the first performance of the Rite of Spring, Stravinsky described it as a “concert about springtime”, when in reality, it was about “radical change and ritual murder” (Radiolab, 2010). The audience’s perception was contradicted…

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  • Cognitive Theory Of Interpersonal Communication

    considered as one of the popular theory in Cognitive Psychology and Social Psychology. Based on the name of the theory itself, cognitive refers to the mind and dissonance means inconsistency or conflict, which basically means that the theory talks about the mind or thinking being inconsistent or in conflict. To define clearly, cognitive dissonance is the psychological conflict from holding two or more incompatible beliefs simultaneously. This cognitive theory views individuals as more of a…

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  • Fairchild Theatre Concert Report

    This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Artist-Faculty Recital Series at the Fairchild Theatre on MSU 's Campus. The concert featured a multitude of pieces ranging from the Baroque and Classical music periods to modern day compositions. Several of the pieces were played in a piano-trombone basso continuo and the last piece was played by a trombone choir with two featured soloists. Going into the concert I did not know what to expect. I had listened to classical music in my MUS…

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  • Jackson Pollock White Light Painting Analysis

    lot of gray lines. Also repetition consists of rhythm, harmony, and variation. White Light has rhythm because of the repetition of lines. It has harmony because of the mixture of all colors and also distinguishing other colors which also creates dissonance. I think that it also has variation because all the lines go in different directions and not all lines are the same. Second, Pollock’s work piece seems to unify all together. It seems to be closed compositions instead of a open composition…

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  • Patsy Cline: Music Analysis

    The piece seems to be mainly monophonic as it is Cline singing being backgrounded with an acoustic guitar, basic drums, a piano steel guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic bass (Walkin' After Midnight, n.d.). They all preformed together with a consonance sound. “Walkin’ After Midnight” is written in an ABCACA form as the chorus is sung before the verse and the bridge is sung after the verse (Patsy Cline Lyrics,…

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  • Improvisation In Music Essay

    improvisation as a major concept is free jazz. Free jazz was really popular during the 1960s-1970s. One free jazz artist was Cecil Taylor. In Taylor’s song Lena, the piece starts out sounding very in sync, but as it progresses it turns into more dissonance. It is very hard to follow…

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  • Ferlinghetti's The World Is A Beautiful Place

    Ferlinghetti’s The World is a Beautiful Place is a literary work with a sense of great sarcasm and satire. While the title suggests that the author holds a rather optimistic and positive view about society and its underlying allure, the actual poem is about the disguised charms of the world through the lens of cynicism. A quick glance at this poem is enough for readers to notice the author’s unique structural choice, and combined with a distinctive poetic pattern, alongside the use of…

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  • Arabian Waltz Song Analysis Essay

    passages” (Elements of Music). The rhythm patterns change throughout this piece. It begins to slow then changes to a faster pace. Along with changing rhythmic patterns there is a change in melody. The song changes from low to high pitches. Dissonance and consonance harmonic tones create the different reactions from the listeners. After looking closer to the musical elements that make this piece it did not change the way I perceived the song, but it did help me recognize how the piece changes…

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  • Music Concert Critique Sample

    For my concert critique, I went to Jason Terry’s Doctoral Piano Recital on Tuesday, December 1st at the School of Music in room 206. Because Terry was able to pick the pieces he played, he picked a range of different pieces to emphasize his wide range of talent. He included older and modern pieces including Bach, Godowsky, Balakirev, Zorn, and Liszt. The first piece he played was “Prelude & Fugue, BWV 872” composed by Bach. I was a little unsure about the nature and form of this piece because…

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  • Gcse Music Performance Review

    violins that are similar to the tempo of the violins in the Dance of the Youths and Maidens in The Rite of Spring. My favorite moments of the piece were when the cellist’s used pizzicato in the background illustrating a feeling of consonance, then the sudden hit of dissonance with the quartet’s…

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