The Importance Of Cognitive Dissonance

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Human behavior is a very unique thing with many aspects to it. Why people do things and what causes them to behave the way they do stems from different theories within psychology. According to Aronson,Wilson,& Akert (2014), the overall goal is to maintain a healthy and positive self-perception. Sometimes in life we behave or do things that aren’t like ourselves and that go against our self-perception of ourselves, the feeling you get when this happens is called cognitive dissonance (Aronson et al; 2014). Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling that succumbs you when you act in a way that doesn’t line up with your customary positive image. Coincidently, dissonance does have ways to be lowered (Aronson et al; 2014). The reduction of dissonance can be accomplished in three different …show more content…
Cognitive dissonance is the discomforting feeling one gets when acting in a way that goes against their original positive self-perception (Aronson et al; 2014). Each article, concluded that dissonance is a factor in decisions, but I concluded that other factors tie into people decision makings besides dissonance, including pleasure and rewards. The first article, dissonance was present, but the delinquents favored aggressive behavior more pleasurable, so when dissonance arrives, they already have a high self-esteem (Alvarado & Ramirez, 2014). The major point I took from the second article is that, after leaving the clinic to quit smoking, smokers added cognitive cognitions to make there self less aware of the major health risk of smoking, and lowered their perception of the dangers of smoking, to justify their relapse (Gibbons et al; n.d.). These results together support my understanding of dissonance by showing how it works in real people’s lives in real situations. Sometimes it helps people’s decisions, and sometimes because of other present factors, dissonance may not

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