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  • The Shining Analysis

    How The Shining can be seen differently depending on the audience and the socio-cultural context through Performance, Narrative and Time ? The words ‘The Shining’ is most known for two simple facts. The first one entails its origins and the second one its universal success. Stephen King is well known for his terrifying and striking novels, and The Shining (1977) is definitely one of them. However, it is disputed that even with King’s well known recognition, The Shining (1980) became widely…

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  • Allan Gibbard's Theory Of The Two Lumps

    In 1975, Allan Gibbard proposed the following example in order to develop his case against Kripke’s theory of rigid designators: Imagine you have in front of you two lumps of clay. One is shaped like the bottom half of a statue; the other shaped like the top half. You take these two lumps and connect them, thus making the statue whole and in effect creating a new object. You name this statue Goliath. However, when you connected these two lumps you also create a new lump (the two lumps put…

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  • The Drawing Lesson Analysis

    Sheriff explains that when the paintings are paired together it highlights the gendered precedents enforced by society. She argues that in The Drawing Lesson, the young man’s work converges on several academic strategies of art and science in order to situate him as a productive and active member of society. The little girl’s education involving reading and memorization of biblical text highlights the repetitive indoctrination of morals and virtues to assimilate the idea of female perfection.…

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  • Cultural Vibrancy Essay

    Culture is the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time based on the Merriam-Webster. There are a lot of examples of culture based on the video clip. Culture is the festivals, events, dinning art scene, stories and customs, history, cool architecture, creative talents, public art, and outdoor places like park, farms and outdoor fountain, they are all part of the culture all of these things create activity and buzz. There are also a positive energy that is…

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  • Mao's Last Dancer Analysis

    demonstrates the journey of Li’s life from a young age. From him being destined to be a peasant boy working out in the fields to a world-famous professional dancer. He was chosen to represent Chairman Mao and his wife Madame Mao for the revolutionary arts. The following essay will explore the elements of poverty, freedom and security that Li enhances throughout his life in America and China. Poverty, one of the main problems shown throughout the novel has a lot of effect over the lives of the…

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  • Francisco Goya Realism

    Francisco Goya (1746-1828) was a prominent Spanish painter and printmaker of the mid-18th century. He is labeled as the first truly modern artist with his Romanticism elements portrayed in his artwork, such as imagination, subjectivity, and emotion. Goya was artistically gifted, with the capability to portray real life situations by using imagination and emotion. Goya’s earlier pieces are lighter and more carefree, while his later pieces focuses on the harsh reality of war with components of…

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  • Clothing In Peter Corrigan's The Dressed Society

    Fashion has been a topic of research for many decades and people have used it as a means of communicating their identities (Crane, 2000; Davis, 1992; Kaiser, 1990). Peter Corrigan (2008), in his book The Dressed Society: clothing, the body and some meanings of the world, talks about how people dress, their choices of certain kinds of attire as well as the various social meanings of clothing in our societies. He also goes further to describe what all this implies as well what it communicates in…

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  • Pride And Prejudice Lighting Analysis

    Pride and Prejudice was written during the Georgian Era. This time there was little artificial lighting and structures were made in a way where natural light was meant to light up the whole room. The lighting in the film used a combination of lighting that attempted to make the film seem like an authentic representation of the time that the story took place. The scene at the very beginning when they are discussing the arrival of Mr. Bingley is a great example of lighting indicative of the…

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  • The Daffodils Symbolism Essay

    entire world was crushed, until the moment I entered the art room at my new school. When I walked in the smell of used oil pastels and freshly sharpened pencils was safe to me. The scents comforted me right away. The facilitator was free as a bird in her surroundings. I felt a place of belonging during a time of absolute confusion, everything made sense. I saw community within the art room, and desired to be a part of it. From that point on, art changed my lens through the way I looked at my…

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  • Homer's Inspiration For The Trojan War In The Iliad

    Around the world, artists use nature and the world around them to create beautiful pieces of art like paintings and pictures. These painters mimic the details they see in the world around them, then they manipulate them to make them more beautiful, perfect, and fitting than they ever were. Similarly, Homer used the Trojan war to make The Iliad. Around 800 B.C., Homer wrote The Iliad. The Iliad contains distinct details that show that some outside inspiration was used. Homer’s inspiration for the…

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