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  • Jim Halpert: A Tragic Hero

    they are in a solid relationship. During their relationship, Pam gets accepted into the Pratt Institute of New York, Jim is beyond supportive. Both Jim and Pam have to wait three long months until they can finally be together. Finally at the end of season 5, after one entire season of dating, Jim proposes to Pam because he felt that it was the right time to do it. The Ultimate Boon that Jim goes through is finally marrying Pam. After so much self-sacrificing, patience, and being appreciated Jim finally reaches his goal of marrying the woman who stole his heart the moment he saw her. In the third act, we see Jim go through some tough decision makings. Jim is invited to work in Philadelphia with his old college friends at a sports marketing company called Athlead. The job in Philadelphia is his dream job, so he decides to give it a chance. He begins working part time at Athlead this however causes him to miss a lot of important moments with his family. Jim goes through the “crossing of the return threshold,” because he has to decide whether he wants to continue working at Athlead, which is causing issues with his relationship with Pam. He sacrifices his dream job because he doesn’t want to lose Pam and his two children. His family is more important to him than a job. After returning to Scranton, Jim and Pam fix their relationship and it is as strong as ever. In the last episode Pam sells their house in Scranton in order for Jim to pursue his career in Philadelphia. Here Jim is…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Dewmont Lake

    It was a crisp summer day and I was laying on the sandy beach of Dewmont Lake. The smell of sweat and sunscreen was in the air and it was a scorching hot day. So I decided to go in the water with my friends Callie and Emily. We splashed around in the lake and played all sorts of games with each other and with our other neighbors who were at the lake with us. One of my favorite games was chicken fights and I got to say Emily and I were pretty much the best team out there. Once we were tired of…

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  • Essay On Mini Ethnography

    park also has a lot of grassy areas that allow people to lay and relax, there is also a second part of the park which contains picnic tables and the only water fountain in the whole park. There isn’t a basketball court, and there aren 't even bathrooms, it is a small neighborhood park. Next to the jungle gym, there is a statue of Mr. Harold A. Henry’s head, the man who help build a better community, and was memorialized with this park. After I took a seat at the benches, I observed the setting…

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  • Markham Park Shooting Range: A Short Story

    my first time traveling to this destination. The destination was Markham Park Shooting Range. As the car ride took about an hour, that alone gave enough time for my excitement to bloom. When we arrived and got out of the vehicle, the sounds of constant bangs from the police shooting range next door with a few chirps from the startled birds littered the air. We got to the range and stacks of paperwork awaited our signatures. He had to check my height, and made sure which gun was the best suited…

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  • Bill Johnston Memorial Park Case Study

    The Bill Johnstone Memorial Park, a small activity filled park located near the heart of Sackville on Main Street next to apartment buildings and down the street from Sackville’s favorite dining places. A park that offers a place for the town’s residents to take their pets for walks, hang out in the gazebo or picnic tables, play sports, indulge in markets and events, splash in the water pad, and more, all with the comfortability of park Wi-Fi and security of cameras. With accessibility to many…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hannah Montana

    something really crazy (These were far from the truthful words, but they symbolize the spirit in which I wrote the note). I sped back to his house as fast as my chubby legs could pedal. While he was still standing outside, still dazed from me leaving, most likely, I shoved the letter into his mailbox and turned around to go back home. He watched me the whole time. Jaden, Yogi, and a girl flaunting black, skin tight sweatpants, with the word “PHAT” bedazzled on the side came with their frosties…

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  • Beautiful And Damned Chapter Summary

    This quote is explaining how on Scarlett’s birthday, she woke up a little later than usual, she treated herself a little more, and didn’t really have any worries. I connect to this in the way that on my birthday, I don't really worry about much. I focus on having a good day, taking time to myself, and being good to myself. I think not only I, but everyone can connect to this one. Visuals: One image that really stuck out to me in the book is Hector sitting alone in the beginning of the book on…

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  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR is corporate social responsibility. By the abbreviation, CSR means corporation becomes responsible towards society. The actual definition of CSR is not yet clear. But according to E U Commission [(2002) 347final:5] “CSR is a concept where by companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”. CSR is based on the concept of do “good business” for a good society- today and for the next…

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  • Ethical Issue: Reflection

    understanding of how ethical issues can impact an IT company. With have a better understanding of what an ethical issue is and the problems they can present in the IT field I believe I will have more courage to stand up and speak out about and issues that I find that could be considered unethical. My newly acquired understanding will also help me not break my own ethical code or that of an IT professional. How might what you have learned in this course influence your…

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  • Vanity Fair Corporations: Package Sourcing

    Vanity Fair Corporations first started out as the Reading Glove and Mitten Company in Pennsylvania back in 1899. In the year 1914, the company had expanded into lingerie and finally in 1917 the company had officially changed its name to Vanity Fair. For the most part, the company had specialized in the production and selling of jeans. However, they widened their horizon and became affiliated with over 30 brands. The company now sells jeanswear, contemporary brands, outdoor and action sports,…

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