Colonial Revival architecture

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  • Romanesque Art: The Romanesque Age

    earned its title as a result of an artistic style since Archaic and Classical Greece (Kleiner, 2012). In the 11th and 12th century European architecture embraced a medieval style that incorporated Roman design in which historians titled Romanesque (Kleiner, 2012). The ecclesiastical architecture of the Romanesque age resembled aspects of ancient Roman architecture, as well as that of earlier medieval structures (Kleiner, 2012). The construction of churches was predominant in the Romanesque age…

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  • Ottoman Empire Architecture

    traditions impacted Ottoman art. When the Ottomans conquered the former Byzantine capital Constantinople, art and architecture experienced significant changes. However many people still wonder What rulers of the Ottoman Empire were interested in developing the art and architecture of the empire and what were their approaches to it? Many rulers were interested in developing art and architecture under their rule, such as Mehmed I who was “one of the greatest Renaissance patrons of his time”…

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  • How Did Inigo Jones Influence Architecture

    Inigo Jones was undoubtedly the bringer of successful classical and High Renaissance Italian architectural styles to England. He is often highly associated with Palladio and Vitruvius; so much so that the eighteenth century revivals of Palladio included design by Jones, and he has been given the title of "Vitruvius Britannicus". These associations though, severely simplify and limit Jones's personal expression. He was not simply a follower of classical Italianate styles; instead he adjusted,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In A Catholic Church

    childhood. I attended a catholic elementary school during my childhood. I still the remember the sound of the clock tower and the architecture of the church. There were also certain times where we had to pay to go to church. However, during my childhood years, I did not question much. For me, religion was more of a lifestyle…

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  • Elizabethan Era Research Paper

    was a very important era in English history that is often depicted as the golden age. The Elizabethan era was a time to which many great people and other types of things. One of these things was the architecture, and the uniqueness of the style that it follows. The aspects of these homes and architecture come from the style, the way these buildings or homes were built, and the decorations that were used. First, the time of the Elizabethan era and the styles that followed. The Elizabethan…

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  • St Pauls Cathedral Analysis

    since most of the public buildings are built in straight lined classical architecture. As a result, the St. Paul’s Cathedral created a strong contrast with other buildings and it was also reached the new height architecture in Melbourne at that period9. The cathedral’s spies create a wonderful skyline, which became one of the landmarks in Melbourne until now10. Other than that, the cathedral was not following the architecture atmosphere at that period since the entire cathedral was constructed…

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  • The Difference Between Interior Architecture, Interior Decoration, And Architecture

    that there are actually difference between interior architecture, interior design, interior decoration, and architecture, which is like a rag around architecture. I didn’t know there are such difference between those interior and architecture fields, and sometimes it is a lines blurring on this discussing topic, to define the role and responsivities of each profession. Although we have already known that interior design involved with architecture and technical aspects of interior design, and…

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  • Obstacle To Making A Decision

    Making any kind of decision is nerve racking. Even the most mundane of choices like what color rug would best suit the décor can get one into a bind. People often avoid making decisions because they making a choice can be quiet overwhelming. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to making a good decision is doubt. We tend to question if the choices we make are the right choices. Often times our lack of confidence, too many choices and indecisiveness is you factors to making poor decisions.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Regionalism And International Architecture

    no longer the dense brick, but the open box. For regionalism, the styling tied to geographical and cultural context. Critical regionalism and international style have many differences in their beginning, their pioneers, their philosophy, and the architecture how was influenced by Definition International style is architectural style buildings dominating the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, which was characterized as being free of regional characteristics, and emphasizes the…

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  • Chartres Gothic Architecture

    Beginning with the evolution of Romanesque architecture, a new mode of architecture had been born. Gothic architecture began in the midst of France during the Medieval period and through this emergence a series of cathedrals were born under the strain of Notre-Dame. One of the most fascinating is the divine Chartres Cathedral of Chartres, France, dedicated to the Virgin Mary (3). Noted as holy, feminine, and secretive the Chartres has been a fabrication of nothing short of extraordinary (2). The…

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