Colonial Revival architecture

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  • Software Defined Networking ( Sdn )

    Summary Software-defined Networking (SDN) is a new networking paradigm also referred to as a “radical new idea in networking” [1]. The SDN enables network operators to make changes to the network infrastructure without sacrificing network availability and at the same time reduces network maintenance costs by providing a centralized point of control and one unified user configuration interface for switches, routers and middle-boxes1 from diverse vendors [2]. According to Sarah Sorensen, the…

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  • Modern Buildings ( Built After 1900 )

    was lucky enough to live in for a couple of years, mainly because it is a modern building (approximately 25 years old) but was designed with a classical style. I wanted to describe a building that I know very well and this particular style of architecture (or at least the front façade and columns) is a popular choice for residents there. Why do you think the architect(s) chose to copy the classical style? *** HOME 4 *** * My landlords were originally from India but immigrated to America for…

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  • Essay On Loss Of Freedom

    The Loss of Freedom from Making Choices Faced with choices every single day, adolescents have opportunities to succeed and to fail. There is the choice to wake up and go to school. There is the choice to sit with a friend in class. There is the choice to talk to a crush. There is the choice to do homework after school rather than going to an extracurricular activity. With so many choices, it is easy to see why adolescents have such a hard time making decisions. In the article, Adolescence…

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  • Pazzi Chapel At Santa Croce: Architectural Analysis

    Brunelleschi’s Pazzi Chapel at Santa Croce, begun in 1441 in Florence furthers the application of geometric ideals in a chapter house for clergymen. Although not exactly centrally planned due to the additional breadth from flanking barrel vaults, the ordered designs of the primary space and central dome demonstrate Brunelleschi’s ordered design. The chapel’s dome “rests above the center of a rectangular structure,” similar to Hagia Sophia. Its dome is unique from the Old Sacristy in its…

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  • Examples Of Ethical Reasoning

    Ethical Reasoning Ethical dilemmas can sometimes be very complex situations where the decision and individual makes could have a negative effect on either party, depending on which decision you choose. I believe that every person has the intention of doing the right thing but in some cases there is not a right choice and one or both sides of the situation could have negative consequences. For example lets take four individuals in a college setting, three guys and one girl. The guy’s names are…

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  • My College Decision

    No matter how much we overthink a situation before making a decision and even make the “right” one, we never have the absolute certainty that the other choice was “wrong”. We don 't get to live the choice we have not made, but we can ponder and imagine how our life would have been if we had made the decision that in the past we thought it was the “wrong” one. Attending a community college instead of a four-year university was not a simple decision, it 's also the first major decision I ever had…

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  • Web Design

    Technology is changing rapidly. Many businesses have started to appreciate the need of using websites to market their products and services. Designing websites is now a major service in the fast moving world of internet business. The number of websites found on the World Wide Web has greatly increased. This is the reason why web design is important to businesses. You will realize that those companies that have invested in web design have ended up being very successful. Web design actually goes a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Iphone 6s

    Gricelda Sanchez-Martinez English 125 Ms. Patton 12 October 2016 iPhone 6s vs LG G5 Does a battle in your head build up when either considering in buying the incredibly popular iPhone 6s or it’s competitor, the LG G5? iPhones are considered high class smartphones, while other brands like the LG G5 are alternatives. iPhones are the most well-known smartphone among teens and adults and are a desire to have them because of their elegance and high price. Mostly all celebrities use iPhones,…

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  • Bunche Architecture Analysis

    Modern buildings focus mainly on their function while utilizing a stylistic minimalist aesthetic. On the UCLA campus a prime example of a modern building is Bunche Hall, which exhibits many hallmarks of modern architecture. Because of its modern sensibilities, Bunche also exemplifies notions of neoclassicism in terms of the classic American college, the picturesque, and modernism in order to function socially as a building that emphasizes new ideas in modern education and to serve as an easily…

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  • Medieval Architecture

    Religious architecture and military architecture are the two types of architecture that were highly developed because of the rank of the church and military. The Middle Ages architecture consisted of Basilicas and castles for the kings. The Gothic style architecture consisted of castles with fortified walls and churches. According to Newman in The Finer Times, “The basic purpose of all…

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