Chicano Moratorium

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  • What Is Gonzalez's Role In The Chicano Movement

    Martinez compared the difficult and unfortunate events of the Vietnamese people to what Chicanos went through. “Moral outrage against the war in Southeast Asia spread among Chicanos, propelling militancy in the Chicano barrios” (Acuna 321). The anti-Vietnam war movement united Mexican together. Organization in Los Angeles such as the Congress of Mexican American Unity (CMAU) that consisted of 300 L.A organizations. Chicano activists began to organize in order to protest against the war. “Rosalio…

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  • I Am Joaquin Analysis

    towards attaining dignity to the Treaty of Guadalupe, in an effort towards gaining an equal playing field on the areas of education, and land attainment. As mentioned by Chao-Romero, this pride in one’s identity has lead many to recognize that the Chicano@ community face harder circumstances in terms of access to the “pond” (Romero, PPT, 10/12/15). Nonetheless cultural pride to this day motivates many to work towards equality. This aspect of the definition in itself is immensely crucial because…

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  • The Importance Of Imperialism In The United States

    Many of these groups would actively protest the war for example the “Chicano moratorium” which was a anti war protest in the 70’s.They were outraged by the high amount of casualties of the minority groups in the Vietnam war.Around 20% of the casualties during the war were chicanos while only being 10%of the population of the military(PPT:Vietnam).this was due to segregated units and those units being placed on the front lines…

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