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  • The Differentities And Similarities Between Catholicism Vs. Christianity

    Jonathan Ventura Philosophy 1304 Professor Howard November 27, 2014 Catholicism Similarities and Differences from Christianity Christianity is the largest religion in the world today, and Catholicism is its largest denomination or subset. There are about 2.6 billion followers of Christianity today and growing. About 60 percent of these Christians follow Catholicism, which is roughly about 1.2 billion followers (Catholicism vs. Christianity). Christianity, in its simplest essence, is a…

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  • Catholicism And Ojibwe Culture In Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

    Louise Erdrich’s novel, Love Medicine is a fusion of Catholicism and Ojibwe beliefs. Both played a central role in the life of the author. The status of Catholicism is apparent, nevertheless, she possesses first-hand knowledge of Ojibwe culture as a recognized member of the tribe. As a product of an interracial partnership, Erdrich embraces and respects both cultures, accordingly, this can also be said about many of the main characters. Having done some research on the author’s background, I…

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  • John Wesley's Effects On Religion And Catholicism During The Civil War

    Wesley’s look at politics, which affected faith and preaching during the Civil War, is different from his former counterpart historians. Wesley strives to prove that both the North and South were heavily influenced by its preachers during the Civil War. Wesley provides his theses with valuable evidence that the politics, which were preached by South and North leaders of the church, were different, but the goal was the same: to encourage their troops and supporters on their side of the war,…

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  • Success Of The Catholic Reformation

    successful. During the Catholic Reformation, there were many aims or goals trying to be accomplished by the Catholic church. One of the aims was to keep people religiously supporting Catholicism. The…

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  • The Roman Catholic Church

    of Christianity are Catholicism and…

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  • The Jesuits: The Rise Of The Reformation

    the Spanish Inquisition, and the creation of several other groups. The Society of Jesus, the main Jesuit organization, was established in 1534 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and it still exists today. Ignatius of Loyola, a Spanish soldier, made Catholicism more appealing,…

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  • West-African Religion

    West-African Vodun and Western Catholicism Before we dive into the deep discussion of the relationships between West-African Vodun and Western Catholicism, it is important to understand why I chose to study West-African Vodun. I grew up in a very Lutheran area, but my parents did not raise me with religion. I never really fit in with the Lutheran churches in the area, and I knew that I didn 't believe in God. Although all of my friends were lutheran, and I would often go to church with them and…

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  • Dogmatism In The Film Planet Of The Apes

    dogmatism and free inquiry within a hierarchical society, depicting the power of the few over many, much like religion specifically Catholicism. Whilst the film veils the indisputable first world connections through the use of apes and a “fictional” world, the theories and ideologies subliminally placed create many juxtapositions to the power within religion. Catholicism is the oldest and authoritative religious groups, which put in place many of the dogmatic practices still used today. By…

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  • Antigone And St. Anne's Basilica Analysis

    Mythology and Catholicism are vastly different religions and the differences between these two belief systems are outstandingly obvious when comparing the aspects of Saint Anne’s Basilica and the Athenian tragedy Antigone. When considering Antigone and Saint Anne’s Basilica, the single most important difference between the two is…

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  • Contemplation And Spiritual Life

    Catholicism become a separate denomination of Christianity after the Great Schism which occurred in 1054, causing the religion to have three main branches, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestant. Catholics look to God as the central deity in the form of a Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Contemplation in Catholicism has a repetitious mention goal of allowing the adherents to acquire a connection…

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