Catholicism Is Based On The Teachings Of Christianity

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Catholicism is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ the teachings of Jesus Christ make up the bible which is the basic scripture of the religion. The bible consists of sixty six books that are God’s inspired and authoritative words. God chose people to write thorough so it is not just their words but also the words of God himself. For Christians the bible is the teachings of the lord the sacred words of God. The history of the bible is that Christianity is based off history what happened in Jesus’s life and how he lived and died this is a big part of the bible the stories or parables tell Jesus’ life growing up as an adult his miracles and death. Christians believe in one God that is the Creator of all things and that personally
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Jesus grew up as a Jewish boy who taught in the temple he grew in wisdom and stature he was baptized by John the Baptist he then started to preach of God. He was accused of Blaspheme by religious leaders under Roman law he was sentenced to death by crucifixion. He died on Friday and rose again on 3 days appearing too many people. The apostles were another key leader in Catholicism they are individuals that risen Jesus asked to spread his message. They told the people who Jesus was and what he came to earth to do. The three most important features of Catholicism are Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. Baptism is the basis of the Catholic faith it’s the gateway to the spirit with baptism we are forgiven from the Original sin and we become members of Christ in the church. The Eucharist is known as the Lords Supper or the first Holy Communion. This is the physical Flesh and Blood of Christ the most sacred part of the Catholic faith. Catholics receive this during mass this is the holiest part of the mass. Confirmation confirms or strengthens the grace that comes to a person in baptism. Baptism is not particular to this religion it is also found in the …show more content…
Christianity sees sin and wrong doing as a tool to better your life and make right with the creator. Christianity tells stories to the people in hope to make the people who follow the religion will see how you should live your life. The really cool thing about Christianity is that there are second chances if you go to confession and tell the Lord you’re sorry and your repent your sins you get a clean soul and a fresh start. There are many misconceptions about Christianity for example the religion is not made up of crazy people who follow the bible so closely they need to hate on others no that not the case. Many Catholics really are about second chances and helping people learn about the faith itself. The Church wants people to live a life with no sin or wrong doing but they recognize that we are only human and being perfect is not a goal that can be attained the faith does not set you up for failure but helps you it offers confession that will cleanse you of you sins. Christianity makes an impact through love because Christians are loving they accept others for who they are and they try to love everyone as Jesus did. They believe all Christians are brothers and sisters of God and that they are connected through Gods love and Jesus’s sacrifice. Jesus died for our sins on the cross he died a death that nobody could ever die he

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