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  • Against Abortion Persuasive Speech

    “Well my mother did it for my father!” I could hear the tension in his usually seductive voice. Tears began to gather in my eyes as I looked out the window. I had wanted to scream, or cry, or not talk at all. However, in reality I did not know what I had wanted. I knew what he wanted. He made that extremely clear. He was my first real boyfriend and I would have done almost anything to please him, but this was too far. Granted I am stubborn in my ways, but for good reason! I should not have to do…

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  • Purple Hibiscus Theme Analysis

    Theme Essay In the novel Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Adichie illustrates the impact and role religion can have on one’s identity. In Purple Hibiscus, Adichie uses characterization and direct statements to implement the theme of religion and identity. The presence of religion in certain characters’ life strictly defines them and can affect them in a negative way. Papa Eugene is a character that embodies the extreme impact that religion can have on one’s thoughts and actions. After Kambili and…

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  • Catholicism And Utilitarianism

    Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that gauges the worth of actions by their ends and consequences. Utilitarianism, claims that a person should act in the way that produces the greatest amount of good over evil, and should consider everyone that would be affected by the action (Skelton,2017). In other words, the ethically “correct” action is the one that causes the most pleasure and the least pain for the greatest amount of people. This theory demands that all choices be considered based on the…

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  • Evangelical Catholicism Summary

    Midterm: Evangelical Catholicism Part One : Summarization of Ten Characteristics 1. Evangelical Catholicism is friendship with the Lord Jesus. Focused on a personal encounter with the person of Jesus Friendship with Jesus conforms our lives to self-sacrifical love Gives the postmodern world freedom from the guilt of the past 2. Evangelical Catholicism affirms divine revelation and embraces its authority, which continues through history in the teaching authority of the Church. Embraces…

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  • The Role Of Death In Catholicism

    In Catholicism we believe that death is not the end of a particular human’s life and identity. When a Human being dies their body is gone but the soul continues to progress on after death. This person 's soul will continue onto Heaven, Hell or Purgatory this transition occurs after the body 's death on earth, and are different ways of judgement. Jesus died for us on the and rose three days later, and with this death he will come to judge us. Jesus opened his death through his translations…

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  • Similarities Between Buddhism And Catholicism

    At first glance, Buddhism and Catholicism might seem to be as unlike as any two religions can possibly be. In some sense, this statement is correct. Originating from northern India, Buddhism views the rights and role of women in their society in much differently than Catholicism, which grants its roots from Judaism and was created in the now non-existent Roman Empire. The typical modern-day Catholic may assume that Buddhism holds its female population in a lower regard than their own religion,…

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  • Catholicism Is Based On The Teachings Of Christianity

    Essay #1 Catholicism is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ the teachings of Jesus Christ make up the bible which is the basic scripture of the religion. The bible consists of sixty six books that are God’s inspired and authoritative words. God chose people to write thorough so it is not just their words but also the words of God himself. For Christians the bible is the teachings of the lord the sacred words of God. The history of the bible is that Christianity is based off history what…

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  • How Did Catholicism Affect Spain

    Catholicism and Spain Catholicism ruled Europe with power and prejudice. It inspired the golden age of art and provided thick ideals that are evergreen in our forested society. The Catholic Church roused curiosity of medicine. Along with increasing curiosity, it hampered the progress of the medicine industry. Moreover, catholicism demoralized divorce. Catholicism implanted ideals that have ever lasted throughout the Renaissance. Catholicism affected medicine, discrimination, divorce, and…

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  • Analysis Of Catholicism: A Journey To The Heart Of The Faith

    following Jesus and helping the poor. What it means to be Catholic is a mixture of all three of these individuals, Catholic doctrine, stories and community, and helping the poor as it relates to my life as a Catholic. In Robert Barron’s novel, Catholicism A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, he implies that being a Catholic means immersing yourself in the understanding and practice of Catholic doctrine.…

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  • Difference Between Roman Catholicism And Presbyterianism

    Roman Catholicism and Presbyterianism are two religions that people in the world today participate in and live by. Each of them have stemmed from the time of Jesus Christ. Back then there was not a good way to create text to last forever for others to read. When the time came around for the word of the Lord to be recorded— the text was written in a language that not everyone could read or understand. So when things were converted for others, countless stories and preaching’s were translated…

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