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  • Research Paper On Chipotle

    great nutrition and great value. The food served at Chipotle is very popular including burritos, burrito bowls, hard corn tacos, soft corn tacos, soft flour tacos, and salads. In the following items you can choose organic tofu or meat from steak, carnitas, chicken, chorizo, and to barbecoa. You can also select a base of cilantro-lime brown rice, cilantro-lime white rice, black beans, pinto beans or fajita veggies. Then you can top it off with fresh tomato salsa (Mild), tomatillo red-chili…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Having A Baby

    family and friends I had up to seventy guest at my baby shower. My godparents carved a watermelon as a baby stroller with a variety of different fruits in it, grapes, melon, orange and papaya as an appetizer. For the main dish we made the original Carnitas tacos with the sides of rice, pasta salad, and fresh home-made pinto beans. After everyone was stuffed, we had a few games that we all enjoyed with laughter and eager to know who’s going to win the…

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  • Oprah's Argument Essay: Names For The Children

    A sign hangs next to the cradle of Texas liberty, reminding visitors that concealed firearms are not permitted on the grounds. She stops and examines this as if it were new to her, although the sign has been posted for several years now. "Don 't bring your gun to the Alamo," she intones, to see how it sounds out loud, then laughs, startling a little boy. ("Mama, that lady is talking to herself. Mama--") Don 't bring your gun to the Alamo. A nice phrase, but it doesn 't make the cut. She won…

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  • Importance Of Hotel Food And Service Operations

    Therefore, lounge provides them a place not only for waiting and relaxing before and after the meetings but also gives them a suitable environment for having a meeting in the lounge. Moreover, family is another main customer because they can meet and have some small portion foods and drinks right after they check-in into a hotel. Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Lounge (SF) is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which mean they are operating every day. Thus, they can satisfy customers’ needs and…

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