Relationship With My Father

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So, like I mentioned before, my family from dads side are quite strangers. I never had constant contact with them while growing up. I cannot recall any memorable memories involving very y sad to not being able to have a relationship with any of my father’s family. It seems like he does not have a family because everybody it very distant and isolated. As young boy I remember that my dad would not really associate or have contact worth any of his siblings beside his older brother. One thing that him and his older brother have in common is that they both are mechanics, so they enjoy working on cars. I have very limited information of my dad’s side of the family. However, my dads father was born in Jalpa, Zacatecas Mexico and the age of …show more content…
However, my fathers grew up in Mexico and it was not until the age of eleven they he came to the United States. As far as he can recall, he mentioned that growing up in Mexico was very tough because from an early you are expected to work and financially contribute to the family. My father remembers that at the age of six years old he was already working with his uncle in the farm. They would allow him to miss school, so that he could go and help his uncle in the farm. School was not seen as a priority for his family, being able to provide financially was more …show more content…
He stared in the fourth grade. Since he did not know any English, he had to take ESL classes throughout elementary and middle school. He mentioned that his teacher who was a Cuban lady would use puppets to help them learn English. They would have to recite stories in Spanish and then translate them to English. After graduating elementary school, my father was able to understand English a bit better, but did not feel comfortable speaking it. It was not until eight grades when he started to speak more English. My father also stated that when his parents decided to move into a bigger house, he was not happy about it. He remembers how he had to leave all his friends

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