Personal Narrative: My Mexican American Family

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Unlike my parents, my siblings and I were born and raised in America. Both my parents were born in Mexico; however my grandparents came from Mexican decedent, fled the Mexican American Civil War, and were born in America in the 1920’s. Having their strong family ties and connection to Mexico they choose to return to Mexico and identify with the Mexican culture to raise their family. My parents settled in a geographical area in Houston East End, where most families were descendants of Mexican American families. The East End is now historically known one of Houston’s oldest Hispanic neighborhoods. I been in Houston, Texas all my life and never felt a stranger in America. My story was common in the East End and I could identify with many children growing up who also retained their cultural Mexican American identities. Area schools I attended were predominantly Hispanic and it was easily to identify with girls my age in similar …show more content…
I remained strong in my faith and continue to be a Christian woman belonging to middle class. I do see myself falling in a few subgroup mention in chapter one. For example, I currently identify and interact with multiple subgroups as a mother I find myself identifying with women in mom groups with similar life experiences. I also find myself socializing within my middle class community in schools and churches. In conclusion growing up I was lost in a sea of labels, when I visited with my family in Mexico they labeled me Chicana. In America, I was Hispanic or a Mexican, or Mexican American. I was fortunate to have the best of both worlds; the exposure to both worlds gave me insight to difference in religion, food, music language and other facets that shape my understanding of life today. When it comes to describing my identity, I prefer my family county of origin and I am happy, comfortable and feel balanced with who I

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