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  • Bonobos Case Study

    Bonobos are smart and well-rounded animals because they are omnivores, however, their diet consists of mostly fruits. During the off seasons of these staple resources, they must rely on fallback food when their preferred foods are unavailable. Extremely social animals, Bonobos search for their food by using a unique form of communication to locate and inform their group members of the food source. A bonobo’s diet consists of mainly fruits, but despite this preference, they have a highly diverse diet. According to table 3 in The Apes: Challenges for the 21st Century, fruit takes up 55 percent of bonobos diet and 95 percent of their feces volume (Conklin-Brittain, 2001). Fruit is a staple in their diet, however, they also consume high-quality…

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  • Informative Speech On Veganism

    Veganism Speech Slide 1 (Scan the audience and step forward and BREATH!!!! Make sure you speak loud, strong and confident!!! You got this!!!) Veganism Today I am going to be talking about veganism because not many people actually know what veganism actually is, or the difference between vegan and vegetarian. There are so many other lifestyle choices than just the diet the majority of Americans that partake in; which is an omnivorous diet (omnivore). What it is Inform you on everything vegan…

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  • Chipmunks Research Paper

    up to about 30 ft deep and about 3ft wide, they have several sections and it’s very clean. They defend their territory of intruder. They can also live in logs, trees, stumps, rocks, hedges, or nest underground, and house. They are very good climbers and swimmers. Chipmunks have four toes on their front feet and five toes on their back feet. They can even run on top of trees with a chance of not falling. The damage they create is they make holes in the lawn. They also leave chipmunks tracks for…

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  • Food Practices: Food Consumption And Social Reaction

    Introduction We are after all human, we must eat, animals must eat, and it is the game of survival, the only thing that sets us apart is humans cook there food. According to Fox (2005:1) cooking has more than a necessity, it is the symbol of our humanity in other words, what marks us off from the rest of nature. And because eating is almost always a group event , food becomes a focus of symbolic activity about sociality and our place in our society. Food consumption practices defiantly impacts…

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  • Food Web Complexity

    consumer. We also learned about how important each species is due to the fact that if it were to disappear they wouldn’t be eaten and cause a rise or fall of an animal. Our goal was to find evidence to prove our claim was correct or if not ,why. For our procedure we looked at plants and changed the consumer. If a herbivore ate a plant the populations would stay the same no matter what herbivore in the webiste. The same goes for omnivores. What I could compare it to was when I created a food…

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  • Essay On Livestock Cage Laws

    Livestock cage laws I am going to prove that the new livestock cage laws are wrong. Gestation crates and farrowing crate are helpful and should not be banded. I believe that no matter what people think there are many benefits by using these pens. I am planning to give the reasons to keep them, and then give the counter thought and why it is weak. New cage laws would harm livestock because when hogs are pregnant, they attack other hogs, mother can also crash their piglets and chickens are in…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Humans Eat Meat?

    Growing up in Armenia my grandpa had a farm filled with chickens. He would feed them on a regular basis and take care of them every day. When the chickens would lay eggs my grandpa would cook it for my family to eat it. I would always ask my grandpa how do chickens make eggs, but he would never explain it to me. As I got older I realized that people have different assumptions about eating meat or not. Some say that they need meat in order to survive and others say that eating meat is wrong.…

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  • He's What Happens When He Wears Red Hoodie

    Generally, the reader can infer that the narrator of the story describes two opposite views and tries to dominate the differences. The narrator is a white female that comes from a wealthy family. At least that's what the reader can infer. The narrator is shocked to see someone of his origin in the subway as she takes an interest in his appearance. She says he has the face of a “mugger.” The way he takes in his surroundings with a cautious eyes. Here the author of the narration sets the story to…

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  • The Right Thing To Do Analysis

    Health and nutrition have been an essential part of life since the beginning of time, but more recently these topics are shared and examined more frequently than ever, especially in America. In Michael Pollan’s article “Our National Eating Disorder,” Claudia Kalb’s “Food News Blues,” and Karin Kratina’s “The Right Thing to Do?” it is made apparent that how we eat may be just as important as what we eat. These three authors make very valid points about American’s obsession with health fads and…

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  • Research Paper On Endangered Bears

    Endangered Species Summary Polar Bear Jaksen Perrin, Kelsie Pierce, and James Ryburn Ursus maritimus, otherwise called Polar bears, are essentially large white bears with large, flat, webbed feet used for swimming and roaming on ice. They live in regions between the arctic circle and the North Pole where there is a lot of water and ice, a habitat they have evolved to live in over time. Unlike most bear species, Polar bears are considered to be “marine mammals” meaning they are categorized…

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