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  • Role Customer Satisfaction Played In Bt's Total Quality Journey

    role customer satisfaction played in BT’s total quality journey. In today’s world of competition, customer satisfaction is the only baseline for the survival. Customer satisfaction is considered as the most important factor behind the success of the business. The level of satisfaction among customers after consuming the product or services rendered by the BT and the quality factor helped them out in remaining competitive in their respective market. If a company provides quality in services it…

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  • Information Technology In Airline Industry

    Introduction In Modern world information technology is booming. Information technologies have modernized the entire business world. Information technology makes important changes in the use of technology in business. Information technology provides powerful tools for industries. Airline industry were adopted the technology earlier than any other industry. Travel agency and airline companies use waste range of technologies. The internet is the main thing which allows them to make demonstration…

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  • The Objectives Of Coke Operational Objectives

    dynamic and efficient production facilities. Also coke wants to Focus on environment when it comes to the production of their products so they have created environmental friendly bottling production and sustainability. I think that his will help cokes business, as they will be recognized as “environmentally friendly” thus attracting more consumers.…

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  • Reflection Of An Interview At Junior Puzzle, Marketing

    In my experience, it was quite easy to find an internship. I applied for several internships and five companies invited me for an interview. My second interview was at a Junior Puzzle, marketing, since the internship they offered sounded interesting and useful, I took the job and cancelled the other interviews. From June till July 2017 I was an intern at Junior Puzzle Introduction: The aim of this report is to provide my understanding of how marketing, research, planning and marketing…

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  • Colgate Leadership Position Analysis

    For any company reaching leadership position is far easier than maintaining the top slot. Competitor firms constantly vie for the leadership position and continuously pose threat to the leader’s position and try to take advantage of its weaknesses. The firm leading the market may become weak or obsolete to face threats by new entrants. In order to maintain its leadership position and keep competition at bay, firms can use one or a combination of the following three strategies. I. Expand the…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of HSBC Strengths

    Swot analysis is important for every business to succeed. It is a useful method for understanding what are the enterprise powers and weaknesses, and for detecting mutually the Opportunities open to you and the Threats that face it. Lebanon is a major country in his financial sector especially banks competing with each other to offer the best services for their customers and have a steady growth while trying to get every opportunity they can have to improve their performance, focus on their…

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  • Importance Of Daily Habits Essay

    5 Daily Habits That Are Vital For Success As An Entrepreneur Whether you are just getting your startup off the ground or you have a regular 9 to 5 job, you need a couple of habits to help you develop, grow, flourish, and turn into a success. These habits, when repeated enough time, will create the healthy and balanced lifestyle that you ought to be working towards in the first place. The first thing that must be stated is that success is a process and not a single act. This means that you…

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  • Solvus Swot Analysis

    will find an analysis of the strategy of Solvus as well as a comparison to its competitors. Solvus falls in the sector of consulting and services . In order to depict an accurate image, comparisons made in this report are with respect to other HR business solution offering companies, instead of with the sector at large. A strategy is a plan of action that is designed by anyone who is attempting to achieve a general or long-term goal. It is something that is vital to successfully achieving any…

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  • The Importance Of Sports In Competitive Sports

    HAVAS – SPORTING HEROES TO BUSINESS LEADERS Competitive sports provide an ideal training for business. Many of the attributes valued and rewarded by success in business are honed on the roads, tracks, fields and swimming pools of the nation. This is not surprising, when you think about what it takes to win. A recent study by Cornell University showed that high school sports heroes make better leaders and that “participation in competitive sports spills over into occupationally advantageous…

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  • Personal Selling Case Study

    1. How is personal selling different from other forms of marketing communications? Personal selling is focused on the consistent contact that occurs between buyer and seller, and the relationship that is built by way of this contact. Other forms of marketing communication (advertising and sales promotion) focus on mass markets, therefore the relationship between sellers and buyers is not as strong as in personal selling. In personal selling, the salesperson talks to buyers before, during, and…

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