Case Study Of JURING International Holdings

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JURONG International Holdings is synonymous with Singapore’s industrialisation efforts. The company was established in the 60’s and it has adapted to changing market conditions and needs of challenging environments. They are able to provide excellent service close to customers all over the world as they also have branch offices in China, India and the Middle East. They help customers scheme their dream of urbanization, the construction of the economic zone, life science facilities, marine and infrastructure, residential and recreational facilities and so on. With extensive knowledge, experience and skills, they unlock their growth potential to create bold solutions. There are four main services in the company: Consultancy, Design & Build, Facilities …show more content…
It was responsible for the integrated facilities management and maintenance contract of Singapore Ministry of Defence's Operational Areas. The company was acquired by JURONG International Holdings in 2002 and was renamed as SMM Pte Ltd.

SMM currently serves four areas which include Facilities Management & Maintenance, Works & Consulting, Energy Management & Green Mark, and Project & Construction Management.

For Facilities Management & Maintenance, there are teams of outstanding FM professionals and technicians. We also provide professional services for our customers in areas of General Management, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Works, Building Fabric Maintenance and Repairs Statutory Tests and Inspections, BMS and Controls, and so on.

For Works & Consulting, we provide services of renovation, reforming and repairs, expansions to owners. With our professional knowledge, we also provide services to customers in areas of Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Interior Design and Space Planning, Mechanical & Electrical System Audit, and so
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The responsibility of the president is to organize meetings and keep the company running efficiently. And he/she is responsible for the profit or loss of the company as well. Midland department deals with works of MINDef and market in China. The Commercial Business Development deals with facility management, Project & construction and energy management. The Corporation and Business Development deals with corporate strategies, business development and corporate

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