Cafe De Coral Case Study

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First, Café de Coral has wide knowledge of industry because it has 30 years of experience in managing diversified customer base. Compared with other restaurants, Café de Coral owns wide range of existing customer base. It helps Café de Coral’s future development by analyzing these data. Also, Café de Cora has is the largest Chinese fast-food chain in the world. Under Café de Coral which owns others restaurants such as The Spaghetti House, Super Super Congee & Noodle and so on. They are stand for different types of foods so that these restaurants have a successful product diversification in order to attract new customers. Under the acquisition of Café de Coral which can generate profit for the organization.

Strong financial performance statistics
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Therefore, they need to invest much on different aspects, such as employees’ salaries, infrastructure improvement. Also, although Café de Coral is on the leading position in Chinese fast-food industry, it’s still has many competitors affects the position of Café de Coral, for example, Fairwood, Maxim’s and McDonald, which are the direct competitors in the fast-food industry. Therefore, it might cause customers losses from Café de Coral to other fast-food …show more content…
From the study of the Department of Health, more than 40% of Hong Kong people eat outside for lunch at least five days a week. And people wish restaurants can offer healthier food choices for them. Therefore, Café de Coral launched some nutritional meal for society in order to satisfy people’s health consciousness. Also, Café de Coral has participated in EatSmart Restaurant so that they would cook their foods under “3 Less” and “More Fruit and Vegetables” basis. Therefore, people don’t need to worry too much when they eat outside.

Furthermore, Café de Coral wants to satisfy people in busy lifestyles so it operates a new brands-CdC Hundred & more in Central. CdC Hundred & more which mainly focus on take-out meal which is suitable for the busy white collar. Also, it provides some snacks in the store. With the view of this, Café de Coral develops this creative and innovative restaurant under the society in busy lifestyles.

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