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  • Creative Writing: Why Do We Get Angry

    and hurting you at the same time! The Dalai Lama told a story about how he observed a "therapeutic" anger management group instructed to hit and yell at pillows that were supposed to be the embodiment of the person who had caused them hurt. Buddhist philosophy teaches compassion and tolerance, not beating up something to let out anger! After the anger exercise when the people announced that they felt relieved of their anger, it came as no surprise to the Dalai Lama when one of the participants…

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  • Conflicting Truth Claims Theory

    7 Conflicting Truth Claims Theory Name: Institution: Date: There are many arguments and theories that have been advanced to argue against the God’s existence. However, these arguments and theories have been met by critics and opposing claims that seek to discredit them. One of the theories against the God’s existence is the conflicting truth claims theory. This theory is premised on the religious diversity of various religions across the world. According to this theory, there…

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  • Religious Idealism

    James defines religion as an individual's feelings towards whatever he or she considers the Divine. The Divine is not strictly defined as a deity; James holds that Buddhists and even secularists can have some idea of the divine. The Divine is simply some sort of conception of a whole that exists independently of the individual. Religion to James requires some viewpoint about the universe as a whole that is neither complaint…

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  • Descartes Triangles

    Consolidation of the Mind, Being, and God Just as Descartes uses triangles as a powerful tool of proof, a triangle can be created between the concepts of mind, being, and God. That is, these three notions have significant connection to each other. For the purpose of this paper, imagine that the mind, being, and God are each the vertex of a triangle with lines connecting them. The purpose of this triangle is not to add a mystical element to this paper but rather to use it as a tool to organize…

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  • Existentialism In 'I Heart Huckabees' By Jean-Paul Sartre

    however is responsibility. There is no guidance and we seek meaning although we do not know what we are seeking meaning to. There is anguish in not knowing our meaning or purpose and we are faced with continuous uncertainty. Through existentialism and Buddhist teachings, I Heart Huckabees looks upon the life of Albert to determine the meaning we continue to seek. According to Sartre, the human bears the burden of anguish. That is, every choice we make is a choice for humankind. All human…

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  • Characteristics Of Dalai Lama

    According to the religion of Buddhism without inner peace outer peace is impossible. So, Buddhists believe that in order to accomplish world peace people need to find peace in their own minds. Only by finding peace within our own mind and helping others to do the same we achieve peace in the whole world. Also, focusing on self-enlightenment and…

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  • Tale Of Genji Summary

    This literary study will define the importance of spiritual enlightenment and the teacher/student relationship in the philosophy of Zhuangzi and the Buddhist spiritualism/evanescence of The Tale of the Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. In Zhuangzi’s Taoist philosophy, the meaning of existence was relative to the person perceiving the ever-changing point of view of the observer, as defined in the dialogue between Hui Tzu and Chuang Tzu. This form of enlightenment provided a way to understand the…

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  • Business Ethics: Ethics And Ethics In A Company

    Everyone – Ethics It is important when you join a company to learn your company’s ethical policies and procedures and to fully understand the company’s code of conduct. You should also understand your own ethical and moral views. If you disagree with a section of the companies ethics make sure ask why they came to the decision they did. Being a good and loyal employee you need to follow the company’s ethics and protect your employer from your actions as well as from others. Collectively –…

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  • Being A Moral Saint

    Moral saints can be compared to angels living on earth. Unfortunately, not everyone can be saints. In this essay, I agree with Wolf in saying that it is impossible to strive to be a moral saint. Everyone has different lives that demand different levels of morality from them. Wolf and Aristotle will support this thesis, while Kant and Mill will be offer the counter arguments. Our own conception of a moral saint is someone who acts selflessly for the good of the society. They sacrifice their own…

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  • The Wax Example Of Rene Descartes

    1) Rene Descartes a) Rene Descartes believes that things exist simply because he thinks, therefore he is. This is beautifully illustrated when he gives us the wax example. Before giving that example, Rene Descartes did state that our senses are deceptive and so is our imagination. If we were to go by that, does that mean we exist just because we perceive it through our senses? He concludes no. His explanation of existence is that he is just a “thing” which thinks and because of that he is the…

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