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  • Virtue And Moral Character In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

    Aristotle was a great philosopher and scholar who wrote on various topics and subjects in his lifetime. Some of the issues and subjects he addressed include biology, ethics, chemistry, logic, and biology. Among his well-known works is the Nicomachean Ethics where he explores different topics to explain virtue and moral character. Among the attributes he discusses one is friendship. Aristotle affirms that three forms of friendship include utility friendship, friendship for desires and good…

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  • Essay On Plato's Cave

    Now, with just one Google search, a person can delve into the world of philosophy, starting to pose major questions that lead a person to seriously ponder his own existence. Hence, the key difference between our times and Platonic and Socratic times is the emergence of technology; it empowers people with the ability to scrutinize…

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  • What Is The Moral Of Bhagavad Gita

    In Miller’s, Bhagavad Gita, Krishna shows that any action performed must be without the mindset of having an attachment or want in order to be able to see the fruits. The Bhagavad-Gita shows its audience that they should ignore the end fruits and just carry on with their endeavors with disregard to the end result. In contrast to the Gita, the Tao Te Ching represents a teaching of inaction to reach one’s ultimate form of a complete state of mind. The Bhagavad-Gita is able to provide insight into…

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  • The Role Of Fate And Free Will In Macbeth

    Jesse Cadle Brit Lit 11-19-14 Prompt A In life there are two outlooks on the future depending on what you believe in. It’s all about fate and free will. Fate believes things happen because that’s the path God intended for you to pursue. It’s almost like God wrote down your entire life when you were born and that’s supposed to be the way it goes. It’s a path you must follow, while free will is setting your future with the present. The story of Macbeth is a tragedy. It is often played that fate…

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  • Candide: Leibniz's Philosophical Theory Of Optimism

    it is juxtaposed with the terrible things that the characters endure. Voltaire is questioning blind adherence to philosophical theories. The Enlightenment is characterized by a variety of advances in the fields of science and philosophy. Primarily, Enlightenment philosophy placed major emphasis on the power of reason and rational thought to create better social and political structures.…

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  • The Tree Of Life Essay

    The Tree of Life is a film about a family who lives in a small town in Texas, that takes place in the 1950s. There are three brothers in the film. The main focus is about the eldest brother growing up and following his life. I think the film is Jack reflecting on his life as an adult and figuring out some why his brother had died. The film discusses the relationships between Jack, his father, and mother. Jack has a great relationship with his mother, but not his father. In the film, Jack’s…

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  • Summary Of On The Genealogy Of Morality By Nietzche

    In his collection of essays On the Genealogy of Morality, Nietzsche distinguishes between the moral systems of good/bad and good/evil and describes their origins, as well as problems that arise with the origins of good/evil in order to analyze two different moral systems and their implications. Nietzsche first distinguishes between the two moral systems of good/bad and good/evil in order to draw a contrast. Good/bad is defined as those with power and those without power: the good, like the…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Religion In The Kite Runner

    Written work on The Kite Runner Do both tasks 1. How important is religion in the book? What attitudes do the characters have to it? How do they compare to the popular Western idea of Islam? What does Hosseini want to communicate to us through his references to religion, through what his characters say or what they see or hear Importance of religion in the novel Religion is a vital part of the culture in which the story originally takes place. Afghanistan is highly characterized by its…

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  • Personal Autonomy Analysis

    Diana Meyers argues that personal autonomy is not an all-or nothing phenomenon. There are different forms of autonomy and autonomy admits different degrees. Meyers describes personal autonomy as one in which an individual’s “conduct is morally permissible and is not dictated by any technical rule, and when they are doing what they, as individuals want to do” (Meyers, pg. 619). Meyers articulates the different types of autonomy as programmatic autonomy which involves self-direction concerning big…

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  • Essay On Wiccan Rede

    Rede Rede, an archaic word meaning to offer counsel, or to give advice to another. Its roots come from an Old English term, raeden, meaning to discern, advice, explain, interpret, or read. Simply put, to counsel, as a rede offers advice on ethical behavior, and often involves recommending concepts of what Is considered correct, and incorrect behavior. As a non-binding statement, it is not considered a law, simply advice. The Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the Wiccan rede are all way of…

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