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  • The Importance Of Mindfulness And Relationships

    The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters are: Chapter seven took us on a path of beauty of relationships. Relationships come in all shapes and form. There are many things that hinder relationships with those around us and take much needed attention and work. An example used in our textbook is an infants is easy to satisfy by giving them your attention but as you grow older it becomes harder and harder to satisfy them and they become frustrated.…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Mindfulness Meditation On Working Memory

    The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on the Working Memory in College Students Previous research studies have exhibited evidence towards the relationship between meditation and improved academic scores (Foris, 2005). With meditation becoming a widely popular topic, especially for its benefits in the reduction of stress and anxiety, it is questioned whether the use of proper mindfulness meditation has positive effects on the working memory and if so, do those effects differentiate between males…

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  • My Exploration Of Buddhism

    of my own experiences at Buddhist institutions. Through my personal meditations at the Land of the Medicine Buddha from 2014- present, I have begun to learn how to practice silencing my mind in order to be more present and mindful of my current state. I have begun to live more morally and compassionately through my own desire to live a well conducted and disciplined life. However, I by no means felt like I had the ideology understood when I took on furthering my Buddhist research and knowledge.…

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  • Vipassana Sangha Essay

    My Visit to Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha I decided to take a trip to the Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha to study Buddhism for my religion experiential essay. On August 4, 2016 I found myself in a setting in which I never would have thought I would see because I was raised a Christian Baptist who was once taught that her religion was the only true and accurate religion. As the time for the meditation and dharma talk approached, I began feeling nervous and excited to try something new. As I exited…

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  • Dionyysus Leaning On A Female Figure Analysis

    The most fascinating thing about art is the difference and diversity between works of art. The drastic uniqueness of arts between periods is something that is interesting to look at because one gets to see how much changes can be made due to cultural influences and time. After visiting the Met and seeing the works of art in person, I have chosen the Statute of Dionysus Leaning On A Female Figure and the Standing Buddha Offering Protection to explore in depth. The Standing Buddha Offering…

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  • Musical Ethnography Reflection

    the room people could stay and chat while drinking tea. Over tea, I briefly interviewed a girl named Laura (she was not comfortable disclosing her last name) that was sitting next to me during the service. I first asked her why she came to these Buddhist meditation services, to which she responded that she had been coming for a few years now, she felt it was a way to disconnect with the rest of the world and relax. I then asked her how she found out about this temple that was located in Chapel…

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  • Buddhist Teachings And Abortion

    Buddhist teachings can be defined as principles which govern the way a buddhist thinks, acts and behaves. They are teachings provided by the Buddha also known as Dhamma which have had an immense impact on the lives of adherents and the community itself called the Sangha. Buddhist teachings and worship along with the Buddha himself and the Sangha combine to produce the three jewels which is centered around an Buddhist. It is important to note that to become a buddhist, one must take refuge in…

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  • Individuality Of Man Essay

    peculiarity and the individuality of the existence of man in the Iqbalian philosophy. Thus, the second view that Nirvāna is the extinction of the total human existence also goes against the Iqbalian Views of man. Thus, we have seen that the attainment of the Nirvāna is the ultimate aim of man in the Buddhist philosophy of man. But the question what is the means for the attainment of the Nirvāna prescribed in the Buddhist philosophy. How does a man attain the Nirvāna in life? In reply it…

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  • Platonism Vs Buddhism Essay

    will be five sections, the first section refers to Buddhism as a religion. The second sections refers to Stoicism as a philosophy, and the third refers to Platonism as a philosophy. The fourth and final section will have three sub-sections pertaining to sense of duty; Ethics, and Control over Emotions. The conclusion will demonstrate how the concept of duty does not divide philosophy from religion. Buddhism was created by Siddhartha Gautama who growing up, led a sheltered life since he was…

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  • Descartes Argument That The Earth Revolves Around The Sun

    An empirical proposition is one which has been researched on. Empiricism is a theory that asserts that knowledge comes from sensory experience. It’s a philosophy of science which emphasizes on the importance of evidence. (McMahon, 2012) This evidences only comes about if experiments are carried out. We say that the Earth revolves around the sun is empirical because scientific research has been carried to prove this notion. Scientists and astronauts travel into space or send their controlled…

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