Bipolar disorder

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  • Zopiclone Research Paper

    Benzodiazepines used to be the only treatment available for people with insomnia. They were effective, but often produced contraindications. They often made patients addictive to them. Scientists worked on this issue and came up with a new group of drugs that we now call the z-drugs. Zopiclone is a drug that belongs to this group. Here, we identify this particular z-drug and then briefly discuss the way it provides benefits for patients suffering from insomnia. What is Zopiclone? Zopiclone is a…

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  • Essay On Performing Lobotomies

    no longer being performed at institutions since they were dangerous and had mixed results. For example, lobotomies, or prefrontal leucotomy, were used as a therapeutic measure to assist disturbed patients with schizophrenia, manic depression, bipolar disorders, and other mental and physical conditions. The idea of performing lobotomies was taken from a similar experiment performed on two monkeys named Becky and Lucy. Dr. John Fulton and Dr.…

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  • Compare And Contrast 13 Reasons Why

    13 Reasons Why: Book v. Series 13 Reasons Why the series was better than the book. 13 Reasons Why (originally wrote in 2007) is a tale of a teenage who commits suicide. Before her taking her life, she makes thirteen cassette recordings. The cassettes contained the thirteen individuals who bullied or made her situation worse. Each person on the cassettes has to listen and pass them on to the next person on the list. She states that if anybody fails to pass them along, a copy of the recordings…

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  • Signs Of Suicide In Society

    Almost everyone can think of a person that has committed suicide or who has been personally affected by suicide. There is one death by suicide in the world every forty seconds (Suicide Prevention and Depression Information, 2015). People in society are shocked that a death has occurred by someone’s own hands. The loved one’s that are left have had their whole life turned upside down. The affect loved ones often ask what they could have done or what they missed that could have caused it. The…

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  • Vaginal Cone Case Study

    4 Customisation of vaginal cone and its quality control measures 4.1 Introduction Globally one third of the women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. Every women experience mild to severe form of pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms at some point of their life. It occurs due to weak pelvic floor muscles which acts a basin for the pelvis and support the pelvic organs. The weakness inevitably occurs during pregnancy, after child birth (normal vaginal delivery and caesarean section) and after…

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  • Body Image Analysis Essay

    Anorexic Lily looked in the mirror and sighed in disgust. She had been dieting for six months and she still didn’t think she looked thin enough. The prom was less than four weeks away and she was determined to lose weight. Desperate to try any means necessary, Lily explores options of an extreme starvation diet along with pills to achieve the body she has always dreamed of having. Unforcedly, no matter how much weight Lily loses, in her mind she will never be thin enough. The image she has…

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  • Depressive Disorder Case Study

    depressive disorder is often described by the person as depressed, sad, hopeless, discouraged, or “down in the dumps” Differential diagnosis for major depressive disorder that the client does not met the criteria for are manic episodes with irritable mood or mixed episodes, mood disorder due to medical condition, substance/medication-induce depressive or bi-polar disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, adjustment disorder with depressed mood, persistent depressive disorder,…

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  • Cbt Case Studies

    it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder. According to WHO, anxiety and depression will be the second largest cause of disability worldwide by 2020 (Kaikini et al., 2013). During medical history interview with the patient, I will inquire how long has her symptoms been going on. If it had been two weeks or more, her symptoms would be classified under Major Depressive Episode according to DSM-5 criteria. Major depressive disorder is diagnosed if at least 5 of the…

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  • Dysthymic Disorder Case Analysis Paper

    Our case study forty-seven-year-old Ellen is suffering from Major Depressive Episodes and Dysthymic Disorder. The symptoms of major depressive episodes are; having a loss of energy, feeling overwhelming sadness, and irritability. The symptoms of Dysthymic Disorder are; having a poor diet or appetite, issues sleeping, not wanting to socialize, and having low self- esteem bout yourself. On page 3 paragraph 14 it states that Ellen refuses to hang out with her married friends, because she has a…

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  • Two Types Of Delinquency

    13.5) There are two types of delinquency life-course-persistent and adolescent-limited. ¾’s of adolescents engage in at least one criminal act before age 20. There are minor crimes such as underage drinking or serious crimes such as assault. Multiple crimes committed over time may lead to more major crimes later on. Life-course-persistent delinquents start from birth and continue on throughout their life. These children tend to have high temperament, high risk of ADHD, and learning disabilities…

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