Bipolar disorder

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  • Bipolar Disorder In Winston Churchill's Personal And Social Life

    With that being said the mental status will differ from person to person. Especially if a mental or psychological disorder presents itself. Psychological disorders may affect the mental or behavioral patterns in individuals. It may also be perceived as distress or the inability to function in everyday life. Now in this paper I will give in detail how mental illness (bipolar disorder and dyslexia) affected Winston Churchill 's personal and social life. Secondly I will expound on some of the…

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  • Bipolar Disorder: The Agony And The Ecstasy Analysis

    The article “Bipolar Disorder: The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Thomas Wheaton discus his the pain and agony he has to fight through dealing with his depression. Even though he has this Disorder, he has ways to cope with the frustration and challenges. Weekly appointments with his therapist help discuss how he feels. His medication is important due to the facts that before his medication he would have frequents suicidal thought that having a knife the rest if familiar territory. Without his meds he…

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  • Bipolar And Pregnancy

    Bipolar and Pregnancy Bipolar disorder, sometimes still referred to as manic depression, is a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression. Not only does it cause serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking and behaviour, the cycles of the disorder can last for days, weeks or months at a time. Bipolar disorders also have major adverse social and economic effects that often interfere with a person’s ability to work and function normally. For women, bipolar and pregnancy…

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  • How Bipolar Affects My Life

    Bipolar can affect a person’s life and also their friends and family around them. I struggle with Bipolar and depression. So does my mother. I have to take medication in order to help me function because my moods are all over the place. It is a struggle every single day but, my medication does help out with it a bunch. I have been on medicine for over 10 years. If you do not try and get it treated your life can be a mess trust me I have been down that road and it is honestly not fun. It has…

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  • Thesis Statement For Bipolar Depression

    Topic: Bipolar Depression Purpose Statement: To inform about what is the cause of bipolar depression, and how you can treat it. Thesis: The bipolar disorder is a cause of the depressive moods or lows of mental disorder. Introduction Attention Getter: Sometimes we all have bad days, and even good days, but these sudden changes in our mind and body is not just a simple change, it can be a sign of a very serious problem that is “bipolar depression”. Thesis/Central Idea: Bipolar depression is a…

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  • Mental Disorders: Postpartum Depression In Women

    Mental disorders or mental health issues have continuously troubled many people throughout the world no matter the age or gender. Some of these disorders include depression, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. They are some of the most frequently diagnosed illnesses. Although they may have some differences there are some areas in which they share similarities. Two similarities in particular are that they have major effects on ones life and their relationship with those they love.…

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  • Analysis Of Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook tells the story of Pat, a former substitute history teacher with bipolar disorder who returns to his parents’ home after eight months in a mental hospital for beating up his wife 's lover, following a meltdown after his marriage broke up, and is determined to reconcile with his wife. Pat 's bipolar disorder manifests in ways that are realistically, even heartbreakingly ordinary; Pat attempts to control his mania with long jogs and rants about Hemingway. Yet the film has…

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  • Causes And Treatments Of Bpololar Diagder And Bipar II Disorder

    Bipolar disorder is a high degree of mood swings, it is a mental illness that causes many episodes including mania, and change in energy levels. This can cause the person to sleep very little because of how energetic they are.there are two types of disorders, Bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder. Bipolar I disorder is the most extreme to where the person starts to hallucinate, and they hear or see things that aren 't there, and bipolar II disorder is less extreme, it is the more mild one…

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  • Analysis Of Dr. Kay Jamison's An Unquiet Mind

    Over the course of her memoir An Unquiet Mind, Dr. Kay Jamison recounts her experience with bipolar disorder both as a clinician and a client of psychotherapy. To better understand this experience, her journey can be analyzed through a series of lenses including theories of genetics and life stress. Both the way the theories let us see Dr. Jamison’s experience, as well as how her experience informs our understanding of the theories are examined. How these theoretical approaches are consistent…

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  • Pat's Bipolar Movie Analysis

    Bipolar disorder affects 2.5% or 6 million people of the United States and is known as the fifth leading cause of disability world wide (Bipolar Disorder Effects 2016). Bipolar disorder is often called manic-depressive illness which is a disorder where the brain causes unusual shift in mood, energy, activity levels and the ability to carry out every day tasks (Bipolar disorders). There are a few different types of bipolar disorder, however they all are very similar and slightly differ from on…

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