Bipolar disorder

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  • Lamictal Drug Analysis

    humans have been dealing with forever. There is medication out there to manage allergies, infections, headaches, disorders, and more. One of these newer compounds is an anticonvulsant with the brand name Lamictal. Being an anticonvulsant means that it prevents abnormal electricity in the brain from happening, thus controlling seizures and the mood swings associated with bipolar disorder (WebMD). It’s mainly used for patients who are 16 and older, because it may be risky for children (Mayo…

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  • Patient Case Conceptualization

    HPV, and Hypothyroidism, who was admitted to the hospital after assaulting her mother and stepfather. She is diagnosed with bipolar I disorder with current or most recent episode of mania. History of present illness Patient states, “I have been suffering for 20yrs, dated a guy for 6yrs and was raped every day. I always put myself in mental institutions for bipolar disorder”. Patient came to the hospital voluntarily. She had a pelvic surgery for endometriosis on the 11th of August 2015. Patient…

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  • Aggression And Memory: Impression Analysis

    To understand emotion regulation, we must first discuss what emotions are which can be broken down into two core features. According to Gross (2013) these core features are “when it occurs” and “its multifaceted nature” (Gross, 2013, 4). Emotions are believed to occur when “an individual attends to and evaluates (appraises) a situation as being relevant to a particular type of currently active goal” (Gross, 2013, 4) this reaction that the person has to situation is what is called an emotion. The…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay-It's All About Suicide

    All about Suicide “Humankind’s biggest health problem is humankind” (Dokoupil 3). A large portion of the world’s population is suicidal or has suicidal tendencies; not everyone notices these people and not all approve of them. Some people think the world would be better without suicidal people because they do not understand them. Are suicidal people needed? There are many horrible contributions that add up to a successful suicide; but there are also many ways to prevent them. First and…

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  • Cell Phones In The Classroom

    People are addicted to their smartphones and the apps that come with it. Whether it’s to see how many followers they can get on popular apps such as Instagram and Snapchat or having the highest score on the new app game. Because of this additive trend about a million people are rather on their phone instead of having a conversation with one another. Since the breakthrough of smartphones, people rather spend time on their phones than have a face to face conversation with another person.…

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  • Shameless 'Pilgrims Intended' Analysis

    This is the episode I will primarily focus on in my analysis. Monica suffers from bipolar disorder as well as drug and alcohol abuse, so it is no surprise when she returns home a train-wreck. Frank’s deceased mother left money behind for all of her children, except for Frank. Frank attempts to improve Monica’s mood by trying to get her to…

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  • Postpartum Psychosis In The Book Of Margery Kempe Analysis

    All Actions Have a Reason: An Understanding of Postpartum Psychosis in The Book of Margery Kempe Studies have found that postpartum psychosis appears in about one in every five hundred childbearing women a few weeks after they deliver. Postpartum psychosis is much more sever and rare than postpartum depression, someone with this illness may develop hallucinations, delusional beliefs, manic episodes, paranoia, obscured thinking, and have a dramatic change of behavior. In Margery Kempe’s book,…

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  • Brain Disorders: A Study Of Rachel Solando's Schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that 1% of the population is affected by. That would be about 51 million people around the world that possess schizophrenia. James Regan says, “It’s not something you catch or something someone does to you, it’s a disease only we don’t know exactly what causes it.” There are different types of schizophrenia. There is delusions, disorganized speech, strange behavior, withdrawn, and lifeless mind. Delusions, is explained as someone who has held believes that are…

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  • Free Argumentative Essays: The Impact Of Suicide

    The Huffington Post wrote a compelling article of about a father who is coming forward 12 years after his son took his life. Ryan is the thirteen year old child that took his life because of bullying and homophobic teasing. His parents took the correct approach and put him into therapy and always supported him. Unfortunately, that was not enough to help him. The family has since then took it on themselves to speak openly about suicide and how to prevent it. They have been to over 1,300 schools…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Issues With My Self Image

    Since 8th grade i have had continuous issues with my self image. I have turned into someone i never thought i would be. someone who has a dark side hidden from everyone around. everyone says it 's normal to feel “depressed” sometimes. i don’t know if that is true. the darkness and sadness that sweeps over me even when I’m sitting at the dinner table with my family is indescribable. Whenever i eat one full meal i feel disgusting and fat. i think about making myself vomit every time because my…

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