Bipolar disorder

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  • Case Study: Bipolar Disorder

    and be a coach. His cognitive ability should be fine with the medication. Bipolar disorders seem to be effectively treated different for each person. Some people live more normally than others. It is a life long illness, but it can be managed with certain medications. Changing George’s medication and finding the right one for him could change how often he has mood swings. One medication that helps treat bipolar disorder is Lithium. Lithium is thought to work on someone’s central nervous system.…

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  • Four Types Of Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar Disorder According to the National institute of Mental health, Bipolar Disorder or manic-depressive illness is a mental health disorder which is characterized by shifts in mood, activity, energy, and ability to complete daily tasks (NIMH, 2016a, p.1). There are four types of the Bipolar Disorder. The four types of Bipolar Disorder include Bipolar I, Bipolar II, Cyclothymic Disorder, and specified and unspecified Bipolar and Related Disorders. (NIMH, 2016a, p.1). The main…

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  • Importance And Meaning Of Bipolar Disorder

    of it or lighten up depression is a serious sign of becoming bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a worldwide pandemic affliction. In this essay I’m going to report about the importance and the meaning of bipolar disorder, the types of genes that are involved, the two types of bipolar disorder, the scientific methods behind the research, and the social, political, and cultural factors surrounding this topic. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that causes unique changes in mood, energy levels and…

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  • Bipolar Disorder Video Analysis

    Prior to the assigned homework I had an elementary understanding of Bipolar Disorder (BD). After reading the two assigned studies “Extra dimensions in all aspects of life-the meaning of life with bipolar disorder” and “Definitional Issues in Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle” I feel they greatly expanded my understanding of BD. The videos, “Manic Episode” and “Rapid Cycling” provided me with a real life understanding of what BD looks like. In “Manic Episode” the viewer experiences what it…

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  • My Mother And Bipolar Disorder

    extremes. She would have dark depressive times, which would then be followed by extreme maniac episodes. My mother was affected by Bipolar Disorder, and the…

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  • Types And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Treatment

    society today anxiety is a problematic disorder. It creates the need for much support and love from loved ones. This disorder have hit home in the sense that nearly every individual has a family member or friend with this disorder. Having to experience and endure the challenges of the onset of this illness can be stressful. Anxiety is very challenging with the behavioral conditions and symptoms that are related with this illness. Having to experience this disorder with a loved one tends to be…

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  • 3 Major Effects Of Bipolar Disorder

    unfortunately, about 5.7 million American people have no control of their mood swings and that’s because they are diagnosed with a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder. Their emotions would change over the smallest things or sometimes over nothing. The three main types of bipolar disorder are Bipolar disorder, Bipolar II disorder, and Cyclothymic disorder. People with this mental illness will go through 2 type of different episodes, Manic and Depressive. When people have a manic episode they…

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  • The Manic Phases And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

    What is Bipolar Disorder? It is also called "Manic Depression". Bipolar Disorder is a disorder associated with plenty episodes of mood swings ranging from depressing lows and manic highs. This disorder can not be cured but some treatments may help and calm it down. It is very chronic and can last for years and be life long. You have to go to the doctor and it requires a medical diagnosis. People tend to diagnose themselves with Bipolar Disorder. This does not require any lab test or imaging.…

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  • Bipolar Disorders In The Film 'Of Two Mind'

    film to me. There were multiple times throughout the film where I actually had tears swelling up in my eyes. Personally, I think they did a great job displaying what it is like to live with bipolar disorder. All the various stories from everyone in the film really proved that even though they have the same disorder, it effects everyone so differently. What really shocked me was the descriptions of when they were experiencing mania. Before listening to what they were saying about it, I never…

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  • Bipolar Disorders In Silver Linings Playbook

    In the film Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper plays Pat Solitano, a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder who moves back into his parents’ home after spending eight months in treatment at a psychiatric hospital. Pat’s main goal is to repair his relationship with his estranged wife Nikki, who has filed a restraining order against him after he had come home one day and found her in the shower with another man whom she had known through work, and brutally attacked him. Pat’s therapist tries to…

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