Bipolar disorder

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  • Bipolar Disorder : Etiology, Pathophysiology, And Clinical Manifestations

    Bipolar Disorder: Etiology, Pathophysiology, & Clinical Manifestations Bipolar I Disorder is a psychiatric disorder of unknown etiology, that results due to an “abnormal functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain,” often precipitated by an imbalance of glutamate, norepinephrine, and/or GABA neurotransmitters (Adams & Urban, 2016, p. 257). When these chemicals are not proportional with one another, the brain becomes over stimulated by excitatory neurotransmitters. In such cases, the patient…

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  • Bpololar Essay: Living A Life With Bipolar Disorder

    Living a life with Bipolar Disorder People do not realize how much of a struggle it is living life with bipolar disorder. Men, women and even teens have to face the everyday horrors of what comes next without knowing when, why, and without any warnings. People are dealing or have dealt with this have many constant changes in their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, actions,even their physical conditioning.” The horrors of years spent wishing you were dead, incapable of getting out of bed or…

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  • Bpolar Diagder: The Cause And Effects Of Bipolar Disorder

    not understand bipolar disorder at first. They may become frustrated with the depressive episodes and frightened by the manic states. Feelings of joy and feelings of sadness are normal parts of human life. Some however are unfortunate enough to be forced to cope with these…

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  • Lexa And Bipolar Disorder

    Most people diagnosed with bipolar disorder need medication to help keep their symptoms stable, and people who take medications for this disorder are likely to get better faster if it is paired with therapy (Smith, Segal, & Segal, 2016). Therefore, one of the first things I would address with Lexa is educating her about medications used for patients with bipolar disorder, discussing the pros and cons, and refer her to a psychiatrist so that she could begin the process of getting medication. I…

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  • Medea Bipolar Disorder Analysis

    Actions Explained by Bipolar Disorder In the play Medea by Euripides, Medea does many things that would be considered crazy. She seems to overreact in nearly every situation and is even willing to kill her own children in order to inflict pain upon her ex-husband, Jason. When reading the play, Medea can appear to be a complete lunatic, however, many of her actions could be explained by bipolar disorder. Medea displays many symptoms that are associated with bipolar disorder including:…

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  • Bipolar Disorder: Common Symptoms Of Depression

    phenomenon is called a mental disorder. In this paper, we are going to talk about depression specifically. Depression is a mental illness that a person experiences deep sadness and loses interest in most of activities. It is a state that contains temporary sadness, loneliness…

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  • Bipolar Disorder Case Study

    What: The study of this research critically looked over the impact of group psychotherapy of the social therapy with children with pervasive developmental disorder. 39 children who were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder participated in the study of homogeneous psychotherapy groups. The studied included 85% of boys. These boys ranged from the ages of 5-16 years old, however, the average age of the boys was a 9.2. Twelve of the participants of this study were Caucasion, twelve were…

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  • Comparison Of Major Depression And Bipolar Disorders

    The two disorders that I chose to research are major depression and bipolar disorder. These two disorders were chosen, because depression and bipolar disorder have been genetically included in my family, and I would like to gain more knowledge about both of them; this is so I can help my family to control their disorders better if I have a sufficient amount of knowledge about both. Disorders can be extremely difficult to deal with, and I have had to witness what they could do to a person. Major…

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  • Bipolar Disorder In Charles Brown By John Brown

    According to the author, Brown exhibits nearly all of DSM-4’s benchmarks for bipolar disorder, including: “inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, an increase in goal-directed activities and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities with high potential for negative consequences”. His failure to consider friend’s advice, sense of a God-ordained mission and ability to go for long periods without much sleep all validate the diagnosis. Brown was also subject to spells of depression as…

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  • Bipolar Disorder In J. D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye

    out of place and is living in his own dystopia. Returning to Sullivan’s article, she declares that symptoms of mood change in depression or a depressive episode of one with bipolar disorder consist of “a long period of feeling worried or empty [and] loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, including sex” (Bipolar disorder…). Many instances regard Holden acting impetuously and him lacking necessary curiosity. Salinger writes Holden’s story into the beginning of the book; Holden discusses…

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