Bipolar disorder

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  • Habitual Offender Laws: The Effectivity Of Three Strikes Law

    by a professional then it cannot be proven that she is suffering from bipolar disorder or how severe her disorder is. Anyone can say that they suffer from mental illnesses in order to not serve their sentence. Even if she truly suffered from bipolar disorder, she could take medication. The fact that she did not take the proper medication for her condition makes her responsible for her actions because people with bipolar disorder are at constant mental meltdowns or anger episodes; therefore, she…

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  • Bipololar Disorder Case Study

    do we squeeze in quality time for ourselves? One thing that I have noticed is people not suffering from Bipolar Disorder, don’t understand how truly draining it is. They make seemingly simple demands on your time and then are confused or even upset when you can’t follow through. I want to give a glimpse into the Bipolar brain to explain why that is. First of all, if you have Bipolar Disorder, you probably spend the majority of your time noticing it. You have to. The last thing you want is…

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  • Reflection Of The Social Worker

    the social worker was supposed to provide an assessment tool that will help the social worker gauge where the clients are at. The Client The client group is struggling with Tyler’s bipolar disorder. Since the meeting, he has not sought out help to benefit him and his family through treatment. His bipolar disorder is affecting his wife, his mother, and his daughter. Since his daughter is often with his mother, the social worker asked if Morgan had been acting herself through all of this. The…

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  • Latuda Case Study

    for use in the treatment of schizophrenia, it has more recently been approved by the FDA for treatment of Bipolar I Disorder (bipolar depression) (Prescribing Information). Sunovion, the parent company that markets Latuda in the United States has begun focusing nearly all of their advertising on drawing patients to Latuda for bipolar depression. This is understandable as people with bipolar depression are a much broader audience than schizophrenics. Latuda’s ads air almost every evening on…

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  • Pat Solatano In Silver Linings Playbook

    The character I will be assessing for bipolar I disorder is Pat Solatano from David O. Russell’s film Silver Linings Playbook. Based on the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria available in the course textbook and focusing on class lectures, I will be using evidence from the film to present the diagnostic threshold for bipolar I disorder. The character Pat Solatano, displays a good representation of the symptoms associated with bipolar I disorder including manic episodes. He also meets the diagnostic…

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  • Mrs. Sharon Case Study In Nursing

    Mrs. Harrington is a 37-year-old Middle Eastern female whose primary language is Arabic, but she is also fluent in English. Her husband who states, “My wife is experiencing another manic episode, and is ‘out of control’, brought her to the facility today. He states that, “just this morning we were discussing how she has blown through the budget for a charity event.” “I told her that she could not spend any more money.” “She went into a rage saying that she was leaving me!” “Twenty-five minutes…

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  • Essay On Manic And Depressive Disorders

    the name Manic-Depressive disorder, or more commonly know as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder includes mood swings that cause different moods in a person at different times, these are called episodes. There are two types of episodes, there are manic and depressive episodes. Manic episodes being the state of mania, and depressive being the state of depression. These episodes often tend to be more frequent in children and teens. It is because of this that bipolar disorder can have a negative…

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  • Bipolar Problem Research Paper

    Bipolar issue, otherwise called hyper depressive sickness, is a cerebrum issue that causes surprising movements in state of mind, vitality, action levels, and the capacity to complete everyday errands. Side effects of bipolar issue are serious. They are not quite the same as the ordinary good and bad times that everybody experiences now and again. Bipolar issue side effects can bring about harmed connections, poor occupation or school execution, and even suicide. In any case, bipolar issue can…

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  • Schizophrenia Case Study Teresa

    Question 1 A) The article has a lot of information on Teresa but, it would be helpful to know if other members of her family also dealt with her condition. The kind of medication, Teresa took in the past would be helpful because as the article stated she did not like the side effects. Finding new medication without any side-effects can help her a great deal. With new medication Teresa would be able to cope better with life. B) Biological Biologically Teresa has diabetes her blood glucose is…

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  • Examples Of Mental Illness In Catcher In The Rye

    According to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA), “Bipolar…

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