The Importance And Effects Of Bipolar Disorder

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Everyone, at various times in life, feels sad, this is normal, but there is a difference between sadness and being depressed. Depression is not a character flaw or sign of personal weakness, you can 't make yourself snap out of it or lighten up depression is a serious sign of becoming bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a worldwide pandemic affliction. In this essay I’m going to report about the importance and the meaning of bipolar disorder, the types of genes that are involved, the two types of bipolar disorder, the scientific methods behind the research, and the social, political, and cultural factors surrounding this topic.
Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that causes unique changes in mood, energy levels and ability to carry out daily tasks,
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In this case individuals who suffer this type of disorder need to take some kinda of drugs for the body to be able to control over his or her emotions. Each year we are developing better knowledge of Science and have made a lot of progress in medical field. I strongly believe that with more work, scientist could come up with a better drug to alleviate the symptoms of bipolar disorder.Valprote and Carbamazepine are the two most commonly prescribed, the only problem is that there has been cases where none of those two medications can over control their symptoms. Example, every year scientist need to come up with a new formula for the Flu shot, because there is new bacteria that overcomes the shot and it doesn’t die, same thing with bipolar disorder. There is going to be cases where the medication is not enough to control the mind, body and emotions. People also need to understand and not blame nor judge people with this disorder because they can 't control how they act. I believe the community has to do campaigns or marathons like they do for the breast cancer. I can 't recall of the time I 've heard about a campaign for bipolar disorder and it 's sad. Breast cancer is not the only problem people go through there is also bipolar disease, alcoholism/addiction, mental health. Not a lot of people are informed about the issue and the pain bipolar people go through every

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