Depression: Living Under The Mood Disorder

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Depression is a mood disorder that is diagnosed to millions of people around the world. This disorder has a prevalence of 17% among adults, and possibly even a higher amount among teens and young adults. It has, and continues, to affect me and friends to this day. It’s harsh and debilitating symptoms can wreak havoc on even the strongest and optimistic people in the world. It has multiple causes and the reasons behind it can be different for everyone. However, while the road to happiness is difficult, myself and others close to me have shown that it possible to move past depression and fight it back once it rears its ugly head.
Depression is considered to be under the mood disorder umbrella. There are two types of depression: Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Those with Major depressive disorder (MDD) are known to present depressive symptoms for 2 or more weeks. Bipolar Disorder is known for its alternating depressive and manic symptoms. The major symptoms of depression are the following: depressed mood, diminished pleasure, significant change in appetite, under-or over-sleeping, lethargy, fatigue, guilt/worthlessness, problems thinking, and suicidal
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Since seventh grade I have struggled with feelings almost everyone has experience at least once in their lives: depression and insecurity. My first three years of living with them was the most difficult time I’ve had in my life. I hated my appearance, my voice, my thoughts, my dreams; I hated myself and simply life in general. I fell into a deep pit of sadness and remained there for quite some time. Due to my low self-esteem I didn 't feel as if I wasn 't good enough or intelligent enough to succeed in life, so I stopped trying as hard in school. I didn 't see the point in it because I thought that I wouldn 't allow myself to continue living for much longer. I lost track of my goals and ambitions as I continued to feel sorry for

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