Bpololar Essay: Living A Life With Bipolar Disorder

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Living a life with Bipolar Disorder

People do not realize how much of a struggle it is living life with bipolar disorder. Men, women and even teens have to face the everyday horrors of what comes next without knowing when, why, and without any warnings. People are dealing or have dealt with this have many constant changes in their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, actions,even their physical conditioning.” The horrors of years spent wishing you were dead, incapable of getting out of bed or reading a newspaper, withdraw from friends and family. The fear of meeting new people, and of trying to kill yourself. The disease controls your thoughts and actions; you are not a person who is free to think and do as you wish and accord with what your talents are (Jamison). Today people do not truly understand how difficult it is to live like this, a life living with Bipolar.

The main causes of Bipolar are still unknown, Doctors and researchers say that the disease is caused by complex changes in brain chemistry, genetics, or inherited components. Doctors and as well scientists are still working on exactly why and how the balances occur.
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One is your feelings, it ranges from being overly happy to the point to where you with Death would call upon your name. The effects are categorized either as Depressive Episodes or Manic Episodes. Depressive Episodes are when you deal with prolonged sadness, a sudden feeling of hopelessness, guilt, thoughts of death, or even the will not do anything. Many think that this is an “ all in your head “ type of thing, well it does have something to do with your brain but it 's more than that. The Manic Episode side deals more with the hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, agitation, aggression, paranoia, racing thoughts and

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