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  • Arguments Against Biodiversity

    Biodiversity, what, who cares, should we pay attention to this? The first question that should be answered is what is biodiversity? To put it simply, it is the study of species and all of their respected families. It covers the whole spectrum of animal life all the way down to the plant life and its variety of those species. Without biodiversity, we would all look the same and there would be nothing different. For example, all the different kinds of flowers you like, only one of them would exist…

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  • Why Biodiversity Is Important Essay

    Why is biodiversity important to an ecosystem? Why is it so important that we have different species of animals living together? It is extremely important for different species to be living together, because they all rely on one another for survival. Including us humans, we rely on other species to survive. We don’t just rely on other species for survival, but evolution has driven us to evolve to adapt and live longer. In an ecosystem, there are habitats. In a habitat, there are populations…

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  • Essay On Biodiversity Is Overprotected

    Existing for over 4.5 billion years, Earth has provided an environment with an abundant and diverse biodiversity with infinite types of organisms and many resources among the ecosystem. As the variety life on Earth survives from the provided resources, the biodiversity itself, however, isn’t sustaining very well after millions of years have passed. With the evolution of humans and population increasing, expansion and migration toward different areas eventually allowed humans to learn how to…

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  • Biodiversity Case Study

    Question1: 1. Focusing on the reduction or decrease the biodiversity is one of the ways which human have used to achieve the above. 2. The elimination of several predators in the nature 3. When overusing some of the resources of the existing renewable energy in the nature vary rapidly and in a way that nature cannot replenish them 4. Causing the natural chemical cycle as well as the flow of the energy in the nature to be disturbed. 5. When human relies more on some of fossil fuels that are…

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  • Biodiversity And The Sustainability Of Human Species

    Biodiversity is something that we must preserve, rebuild, and is what we must let flourish and thrive. For that it is a major component of the sustainability of Earth and the human race. It provides us with our essential day-to-day needs such as coffee. {Coffee is derived from the coffee plant, and is crucial to most humans on the planet to get their morning jolt of energy, which helps keep productivity high. Without coffee people probably wouldn’t even get out of bed let alone go to work.…

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  • The Implications Of Individualism In Threats To Biodiversity

    In viewing threats to biodiversity, its implications can be interpreted and understood through multiple facets of the perspective of Modernization theory, such as its cultural implications. The cultural relevance of issues such as the loss of species, resources and global warming are all greatly impacted by the opinions of the people and whether or not they view these issues as affecting their way of life. This can be interpreted through modernization theories’ attention toward the individual…

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  • Importance Of Loss Of Biodiversity Essay

    Rudraksh Kapil Topic Area: Biodiversity Loss of biodiversity: what are the causes and what can we do? Biodiversity is the variety of all forms of life on Earth - plants, animals and microorganisms. Biodiversity refers to: Species; Variations within species; and interdependence of species. It is interesting to note that only about 1.2 million worldwide species have been identified and catalogued out of a towering total of about 8.7 million, as of August 2011[1]. A range of factors and…

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  • Drivers Of Biodiversity Research Paper

    2.3 Conservation 2.3.1 Drivers of biodiversity loss Biodiversity is subjected to numerous forces that threaten the loss of species and the depaupering of natural resources (Brand et al., 2008). Biodiversity loss drivers (mechanisms that influence the extinction of a species) are generally encompassed in (but are not limited to): environmental stress, large environmental disturbances, extreme environmental conditions, severe limitation of resources, the introduction of non-native species, or…

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  • Biodiversity Intactness Index Essay

    1. What is the Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII)? (p. 289) a. The Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) is the average abundance of originally present species across a broad range of species, relative to abundance in an undisturbed habitat. 2. What four pressure variables were investigated? (p. 290) a. The four pressure variables that this paper focused on were land use, land-use intensity, human population density, and proximity to the nearest road. 3. The “average local abundance of…

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  • Consequences And Consequences Of Biodiversity Loss

    Consequences of biodiversity loss Biodiversity is a phenomenon that all life on earth depends on. It is the link between all life on earth. In other words the web of life. There is a perfect interdependent system in place that allows every organism on earth what it needs needed to survive and the relationship between all is beneficial to all others, except in most cases humans. We have more of a symbiotic relationship with the earth and everything else on it where we could be seen as kind of…

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