Biodiversity And The Sustainability Of Human Species

Biodiversity is something that we must preserve, rebuild, and is what we must let flourish and thrive. For that it is a major component of the sustainability of Earth and the human race. It provides us with our essential day-to-day needs such as coffee. {Coffee is derived from the coffee plant, and is crucial to most humans on the planet to get their morning jolt of energy, which helps keep productivity high. Without coffee people probably wouldn’t even get out of bed let alone go to work. Another vital material for humans that is acquired from plants is medicine. An example would be Turkey Rhubarb. This plant is responsible for the healing of constipation, bladder problems, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.}{Fact} Speaking of hemorrhoids isn’t that one of the symptoms of Ebola. This could means that …show more content…
In an ecosystem each living thing benefits from the other thus creating the sustainability of said ecosystem. When species essentially “work together” to benefit from each other it is called Mutualism. Although they do not work together the actions they take part in indirectly affect each other most of the time in a good way.}{Fact} Those were all examples of why we need Biodiversity. If I were to describe each and every dinosaur with one word it would be extinct. Why because they are all extinct. {Extinction is what happens when a taxon of organisms vanishes from the face of the Earth, meaning there is no more of that said species left, neither in the wild nor in captivity. Extinction occurs mainly due to the rapid changing of the environment. For example many species that lived and thrived during the Ice Age died off because of the melting of it thereafter. Example includes, the Banksia strahanensis, a type of shrub that went extinct during the start of the Pleistocene epoch.}{Fact} Extirpation occurs when a species goes extinct in a specific region usually a preferred region of said species.

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