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  • Essay On GE Crops

    plant which does not occur naturally in the species.(2016) Another word biodiversity could divided into two parts, Greek and Latin. Bio is biological, from Greek, means ‘of biology’. Other word diversity is from Latin, means ‘ diverse, different, and unlike’. The total word biodiversity at least include three parts which are biology, ecology, biogeography. As we know, GM crops may change the biodiversity, but why biodiversity…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Philippines

    what biodiversity means? Well I think some of us do not know what biodiversity is, but it is important for us to know is the meaning of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of life. Most of the people recognize biodiversity by species but biodiversity is more than just species. A species is a group of living organism that can interbreed for example white-tailed deer, blue whales, and bacteria that you cannot even see with your eyes. Species is only one part of biodiversity. Biodiversity can…

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  • Importance Of Man And Nature Essay

    man’s responsibility to endure and enrich the world around us, but in order to do that you must first be able to respect and protect the nature around us. In order for man to respect and protect nature man must focus on nature conservation, the biodiversity, as well as being able to appreciate the fundamental needs that nature has to offer man. Nature is something that man tend to take for granted, but nature is a huge part of our everyday survival. . When humans refer to nature, they mean the…

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  • Taking A Look At Trophy Hunting

    endemic to the region. This biodiversity is, however, under threat due to land expansion, climate change, alien species invasion and much more (Turpie 2013). The loss of ecological settings and species demands that biodiversity should be protected by a variety of management efforts. Traditionally, the protection of biodiversity was reserved for local communities, government agencies, and welfare groups. However, recent land conversion processes have threatened biodiversity, which has…

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  • Rainforest Destruction Of Forest

    recycling nutrients. In watershed where forest are degraded or destroyed, minimum flows decrease during the dry season, leading to drought, while peak floods and soil erosion increases during the wet season. Thirdly logging those trees can affect the biodiversity of the animals living in that area. Some animals are very sensitive they often migrate once their environment is changed. This proves that logging is not just affecting the lives of human but also the…

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  • Should Deforestation Be Illegal

    clearing of trees, used for rural and urban purposes. However, it is harmful to the ecosystem and wildlife that take shelter in the forests. Although many believe that deforestation is essential to the economy, it should be illegal because it affects biodiversity, climate change, and the water cycle. Deforestation may be believed to be helpful to the economy and essential to the way humans live, but it is causing climate change and changes in the earth, which can have a major impact. For…

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  • Factory Farm Research Paper

    producing and feeding the world? Some say factory farms are necessary to be able to feed the world, however, what if there was a healthier, more efficient way of feeding the world. Factory farms are slowly worsening our world by being a major threat to biodiversity, and being unhealthy for the environment around it as well as being extremely unethical. Factory farms are becoming unhealthier for their surroundings as there is a greater demand for meat. As stated in an article, “Factory farms…

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  • Importance Of Aquatic Biodiversity

    1.0 INTRODUCTION Aquatic biodiversity is the rich and wonderful variety of plants and animals from mussels to mayflies, tadpoles to trout that live in watery habitats. It is the number of different native species or species richness. Many species of animals and plants live in the water like fish that spend all their lives underwater, whereas others like toads and salamanders may use surface waters only during the spring breeding season or as juveniles. Some aquatic creatures live their entire…

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  • Analysis Of The Sixth Extinction By Elizabeth Kolbert

    The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert describes Earth's five previous mass extinctions and how humans are to blame for leading our biodiversity into a sixth mass extinction. As an animal lover and an Earth-history enthusiast, I was excited to begin The Sixth Extinction. Kolbert begins by documenting her scientific journeys, relating biodiversity's current extinction rates, to the previous five, showing the interconnectedness through history. Following this, Kolbert emphasizes that we are…

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  • How Do Humans Impact Grassland Biomes

    Analyse the impact of humans on a biome of your choice. Humans are significantly impacting grassland biomes. There are two types of grasslands - temperate and tropical. Temperate grasslands are vast plains of country with grasses being the dominant vegetation. The prevailing weather has distinct seasonal variations between hot summers and cold winters with moderate rainfall. This biome exists north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Conversely, tropical grasslands…

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