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  • George Higgins Underage Drinking Summary

    George Higgins addresses the issue of underage drinking with teens who are pursuing to get a higher education and he believes that the real culprit is not the alcohol itself, but the colleges and universities lack of interaction with the students’ social lives. In the beginning, Higgins states statistic of underage drinking which leads to the proposal of a common thought solution of banning alcohol, but he believes it is not as simple as that. He believes that the reason so many underage…

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  • Alcoholism In Australia

    REPORT TO STATE GOVERNMENT ON ALCOHOL USE, ACTION PLAN AND RECOMMENDATIONS Assessment 6.2 The report is prepared to deliver a summary on trends of alcoholism, associated risks in Australia and worldwide. The report is based on extensive research involving scientific literature, government publications and research papers. The extensive use of alcohol in Australia has increased the burden on public health. Alcoholism is associated with social, psychological, cultural, physical and…

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  • Effects Of Codependency

    Spending one’s days seeing life through the bottom of a bottle, alcoholics live a life outside reality. So many seek the solution of one’s problems through escaping for a moment, but the moments begin to blur together and become days, months, and years. Although one can escape the problems for a while, back in reality there have been no solutions. These problems begin to affect more than just than the person affected by alcohol. Sobriety is no longer the norm, because one’s body becomes…

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  • Binge Drinking Experiment

    Binge drinking is known as the pattern of drinking that raises blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to 0.08 g/dL [3]. Typically, the pattern occurs after 4 drinks for women and 5 drinks for men in the period of 2 hours [3]. According to Shukla et. al, alcohol overconsumption through binge drinking is an emerging major health concern common in young adult population in US and generally around the globe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in six adults binge…

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  • Excessive Alcohol In College

    an assortment of challenges and negative influences that can have lasting negative consequences. One of the biggest negative influences most college students face is excessive drinking. It is well known that many college campuses are plagued with a binge drinking culture that celebrates the alcohol abuse. It is often considered a right of passage for freshman students to get “black-out drunk” within…

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  • College Drinking Persuasive Essay

    age group form a lifelong loyalty to a particular beer brand thus it is very important to catch them at this age. Taking everything into a consideration, she should start spreading awareness and aware consumer about the bad effects of binge drinking. The reason why so many teens engage in college drinking is because of peer pressure. Instead of Sitting at home watching her competitors take over their consumers, she should launch programs and events to set an idea in people’s mind…

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  • Essay On Social Drinkers

    Drunk, But Not An Alcoholic Often times, there is a misconception that social drinkers are not as irresponsible as alcoholics are, but that has been proven otherwise. It appears that alcoholics and social drinkers have some similarities and differences, however, alcohol use can become very serious if not consumed in moderation. Being aware of how much alcohol is consumed, and when it’s consumed is important to prevent progression to a dependency to alcohol. Alcoholics and Social drinkers do…

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  • Informative Speech On Alcohol Abuse

    Educate yourself, your family, your friends, or children about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Help them realize that drinking too much could increase the chances of them getting cancer. Substance abuse is a serious problem and it affects not only the individual, but hurts everyone around them as well. Drinking too heavily can cause the individual to develop anemia, which is a disease that will cause their oxygen-carrying red blood cells to be far too low. Anemia has a lot of terrible symptoms,…

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  • Case Study: Freshman Alcohol Abuse

    1. Identification of case study journal article: The case study journal article that was selected for this assignment is: “An analysis of the freshman alcohol abuse program”. 2. Social Change Initiative overview: Social change initiative is nothing but steps taken or program started in order to bring change among the people, society and their behaviour. The social change initiative that was discussed in the selected journal was to reduce the BAC (Blood Alcohol Consumption) levels among the…

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  • Moderation Definition

    Moderate drinking has been under scrutiny for many years; what do we as a society accept as moderation? There is no universal definition of moderate drinking. (Defour, 1999)Most often, the number of drinks consumed in a specific time frame refer to this concept we have contributed to knowing as moderate drinking. However, defining a drink can differ substantially and could be referred to as subjective. "Surprisingly, even in alcohol research no universally accepted standard-drink definition…

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