Compare And Contrast Drunk But Not An Alcoholic

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Drunk, But Not An Alcoholic
Often times, there is a misconception that social drinkers are not as irresponsible as alcoholics are, but that has been proven otherwise. It appears that alcoholics and social drinkers have some similarities and differences, however, alcohol use can become very serious if not consumed in moderation. Being aware of how much alcohol is consumed, and when it’s consumed is important to prevent progression to a dependency to alcohol.
Alcoholics and Social drinkers do share some of the same risk. Both are often blind to the dangers and underlying problems caused while being under the influence of alcohol. Just as alcoholics, social drinkers have also been in trouble with the law as a consequence of habitual drinking. Drinking and driving and public intoxication is another risk, and have been on the rise more than often. Both, alcoholics and social drinkers have been associated with having common traits similarly linked between the two.
Another similarity that has been linked between alcoholics and social drinkers is relationship and family problems. The limits of uncontrolled consumed alcohol affects both alcoholic and social drinker families in a similar way. The families of the two experience common underlying problems of destructive behavior associated with being under the
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The view “willful misconduct” is thought of because many people experience different living situations with alcoholics and social drinkers. Studies show that being an Alcoholic is referred to as a chronic drinker, and that more than often, it progresses to disease. Social drinkers can also become dependent of alcohol if there is not a limit of how much alcohol is consumed socially. Regardless, too much alcohol is dangerous, it can cause damage to the body and it can cause you to put yourself in dangerous situations. It can also lead to legal and social

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