College Binge Drinking Essay

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Positive Motivational Strategies’ Influence on College Binge Drinking

Misuse and abuse of alcohol by college students continues to be a pervasive and ongoing concern resulting in negative consequences to include: driving under the influence arrests, vehicle crashes, sexual (date rape and unprotected sex) and non-sexual assaults, vandalism, minor injuries and health problems, and severe outcomes such as suicide attempts or death. Excessive drinking also affects a student’s academic performance with missed classes, falling behind and poor scores on exams or papers. It’s aftermath not only harms those who participate in excessive alcohol drinking, but indirectly and adversely affects students attending the institution and also the community in which they live (Wechsler, Lee, Kuo, Seibring, Nelson & Lee, 2002).
High-Risk drinking in the college sector has amassed a great deal of attention within the social media and the scientific community with a focus on heavy episodic drinking, defined as consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women on a single occasion. Approximately 40% of college students, and close to 50% of men, drink in this manner once every 2 weeks (O’Malley &
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It is used in by colleges for students seeking primary care, mental health services or are referred for an alcohol-related offense. BASICS provide student’s feedback on their drinking behaviors and comparisons of their consumption to the amount an average student on their campus drinks. The process includes motivational interviewing to explore the student’s drinking behaviors and initiate motivation to change. BASICS also provides strategies to help students drink in less risky ways. This method, has shown a reduction in the student’s drinking and a reduction in related negative consequences for up to four years (American Journal of Public Health,

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