The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On College Students

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It was once stated in the essay “Too Many Colleges Are Still in Denial About Alcohol Abuse” that “colleges have a serious problem with alcohol abuse among students, and it’s not getting any better…college presidents viewed alcohol abuse as their top campus-life problem” (Wechsler 336).
I believe that alcohol consumption is one of the biggest problems we as a society are facing today. We see this as a common activity among college students and sometimes we even encourage it by letting people believe it’s a natural thing for them to do. However, the bigger problem is actually binge drinking because it is “defined as the heavy, episodic use of alcohol” (Wechsler 337).
Although many see this as something fun and entertaining, alcohol consumption
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We’ve talked about how the behavior of students change, how it affects others, and how their academic development is being affected. But what about the health issues? If we look at the short term effects of their drinking we face consequences such as injuries. There are “about 599,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 [who] receive unintentional injuries while under the influence of alcohol, and more than 150,000 students develop an alcohol related health problem” (College Parents). This is an impressing quantity that shows us how much alcohol is really affecting students …show more content…
If family starts to set good values in the student when they’re younger, it’s been said that the individual will be less likely to engage in activities where alcohol is involved.
In my opinion good friends also help set the path for life for their peers. Personally if it wasn’t for the good friends, with high standards and great values that I’ve had in life I don’t know where I could’ve ended up. The influence friends have on a person are exceedingly high. If a friend is pressuring someone to drink, there exists a great chance that the person will give in eventually. On the contrary, the friend that respects and even encourages the person to avoid alcohol will have a great influence which will most likely lead to an alcohol free life.
In my opinion there are many ways a college student can be helped when it comes to an alcoholic addiction. There are programs designed specifically for students, such as: The National College Health Improvement Project, whose mission is “to improve student health at colleges and universities through the application of population health services” (NCH). Another program is the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, which focuses on “helping college and community leaders develop, implement, and evaluate programs and policies to reduce student’s problems related to alcohol” (HEC). These among other programs

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