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  • Holy Selfies: A Pilgrimage Analysis

    Europe, it helped shape the system and even stabilized economic needs for villages. Furthermore, villages developed into towns due to the increase in pilgrim numbers. Cathedrals were found among the pilgrimage routes. Relics were part of the Cathedral experience. The relics represented a miracle or a supernatural power that could help the pilgrims that completed the journey. The relics contributed to the financial stability of the church…

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  • Medusa Carol Ann Duffy Analysis

    On one hand, we have the poem ‘Medusa’ by Carol Ann Duffy, in a dramatic monologue based on a mythical creature, Medusa, whose insecurity and jealousy leads her to believe that her husband is cheating on her. Consequently, she turns into a gorgon who turns anything she looks at to stone. On the other hand ,we have ‘Les Grandes Seigneurs’ by Dorothy Molloy which is about an aggrandized woman’s romantic relationship with men there to entertain her and to support her self-aggrandizement. However,…

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  • The Pilgrim Morals

    Piety, courage, and industry, were the Pilgrims’ most cherished values. They were thought such a necessity because of each values’ strong place in building a stable and prosperous community, as well as keeping a “morally” intact society, the “new Jerusalem.” But “paradise” is not to be gained without challenge and great effort against the “enemy of God” and they came in the form of hardship, privation, and fear. Bradford, Winthrop, Bradstreet, and Edwards wrote of these hardships that they and…

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  • The American Identity

    Despite, or perhaps because of, this country’s short history, the American identity is one of the most highly contested and undefinable of intangible ideas. Many of the highly debated abstract concepts are so often and sometimes needlessly argued over because they are indefinable. So much can fall under the categories of these types, like art, love, and poetry, that deems them impossible to narrow down into workable definitions. A blank canvas can be considered art and free verse is somehow…

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  • Criticism And Symbolism In Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

    In Heart Of Darkness, Joseph Conrad discusses how the Europeans treat the native congo people. Throughout the novella imperialism is presented by the Europeans attempting to colonize the Congo region. Joseph Conrad explains the harsh exploitation of the Congo through the perspective of Marlow. Marlow sees how the natives are treated with disrespect as their rightful land is taken from them. By analyzing Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad through a new criticism lens, one can see that the…

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  • Character Analysis: The Summoner

    As the pilgrims arrived I began to plan a seating arrangement so all will be fine and dandy the night of the dinner with no absurd interruptions. I first placed the Summoner in the far left-hand side corner for I know he is an irrational drunk who at any time may be obligated to leave to the distant restroom for his bladder will be full. He is also hard to look at as well with his overly blemished face. That’s why I intended to have his right side free of any fellow pilgrims. Although there are…

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  • Elizabeth Gilberts Journey

    are taking a break from life by traveling, which describes a tourist or “a person who travels to a place for pleasure” (Merriam Webster). According to the Turner’s article, “a tourist is half a pilgrim, if a pilgrim is half a tourist” (Turner 20). In her memoir, Elizabeth Gilbert is both a tourist and a pilgrim. She takes off and goes to Rome, Italy to learn Italian and to eat as much of the food as possible. Then she goes to India to live in an Ashram, practice yoga, and learn the art of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Pomas Porton And William Bradford

    Is there a way to determine where the truth lays when there are two different perspectives on the same situations? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer. In William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation and Thomas Morton’s New English Canaan, there are countless discrepancies between each story. Both men seek to defame one another in order to preserve the innocence of their individual characters. They are not exactly successful in their mission when Morton and Bradford spend time discussing…

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  • Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter Summary

    Chapter 1: After reading the first chapter I can tell that I 'm going to enjoy this book. The book is set up in an interesting fashion. I like how each story is told in a segment. The author’s tone in the first chapter is interesting. He is talking in a calm tone. This juxtaposes the title of the book because I would think that Slaughterhouse Five would entail a book with extreme violence. He 's telling background about his life in an interesting way, he finds ways to tell the reader specific…

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  • The Ignorance Of The Piano Man Analysis

    ” Here I am laying on my cot, listening to my one of my favourite songs. Whatever grievances I was still holding onto now seems like an insignificant speck; whether it be homework, exams or even my social life. The absolutely captivating words of Billy Joel are hypnotic, and before I know it I slowly drift asleep falling under the Piano Man’s trance. I opened my eyes, disoriented and dazed; with no idea where I am or the people I am with. Each of my sense tells me their own interpretation of…

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