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  • The Colour Out Of Space Analysis

    In “The Colour out of Space” the first-person narrator arrives at a place described as “West Arkham” where he discovers five acres desolated and covered in ash and dust. There he asks an old man nearby, Ammi Pierce, what had happened there. From then on the narrator retells what Ammi tells him. Back in his earlier days there lived a family, the Gardners, on the farm there and Ammi was a close friend of the father, Nahum. Then someday a meteor fell onto their property close to their well and was…

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  • Auto Wreck Poem Analysis

    “Auto Wreck” reveals what its poet considers to be the terrible secret of modern life: the creeping indifference toward technological determinism, the simple violence of machine against human being in which everyone participates by failing to be troubled or moved by such disasters as automobile wrecks. The tone of the poem is likely to be melodious which an imagism verse is. It is a short, lyrical narrative poem. The poem is described in first person narrative. The poet in short is trying to…

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  • Abuse In Chris Crutcher's Ironman

    “No. My dad leaves bruises on the inside”(pg 70). In Ironman, Chris Crutcher, the author, shows physical and mental abuse through the main characters in this story. They have been abused internally or externally by either a parent or a close family member. The main characters, Bo and Shelly are affected by the continual bullying from the ones that are expected to protect them. Unfortunately, there’s a handful of children who experience this type of hardship throughout their lifetime. 5 Bo…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five Literary Analysis

    Within the first chapter of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five the reader learns not only how the novel will begin but also, rather unconventionally, how it will end. In addition, Vonnegut presents a peculiar admission: “All of this happened, more or less” (1). Beginning in this curious manner sets the stage for a novel that demands the reader’s attention to more than just plot lines. By divulging such information regarding the ending and also disclosing that the content is not to be viewed…

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  • Ionesco's Rhinoceros

    Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinoceros written in 1959 is one of his most famous works forming a part of the Post War Avant-Garde Drama of the Theatre of Absurd. Rhinoceros demonstrates Ionesco’s anxiety about the spread of inhuman totalitarian tendencies in society. Inspired by his personal experiences with fascism during World War II, this absurdist drama depicts the struggle of one man to maintain his identity and integrity alone in a world where all others have succumbed to the beauty of brute force…

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  • Dave Eggers Recurring Themes

    A Reflection on the Recurring Themes of 3 of Dave Eggers Works A wide range of personal experiences to look back on, a curiosity to understand and reveal social injustices; this along with Eggers sophisticated and entertaining writing style has justly made Dave Eggers a national best seller. Through reading three of his many works, I have discovered recurring themes of loss and loss through death, faults with the social justice system and racial profiling, and a misconception of…

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  • So You Ve Been Public Shamed Analysis

    Although Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a war novel and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson is public commentary, both works possess significant factors which explain or expose underlying human savagery. Lord of the Flies primarily deals with friction between two boys leaders, Ralph, the savage and Jack, the civilized. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed points out, however, the destruction or saving of people’s lives based on the rocky balance between savagery and civility. Both…

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  • Truths Of Slaughterhouse-Five: How They Are Revealed Or Hidden

    anti war novel. The truths of the book give the essence of Vonnegut’s meaning, whether it be during the awful war or just in the main character, Billy, who’s unforgiving flashbacks take place when a moment of discomfort comes into his life. Billys discomfort helps us to better understand why Vonnegut reveals and hides the truth, because in the end, Billy is trying to hide from it himself.…

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  • Oscar Wilde And Slaughterhouse-Five Recommendations

    In all honesty, if one of the members of my freshman class were to ask me for a book recommendation next year, I’ll admit that I’d have trouble deciding what to recommend. At first I’d be worried about which route I should go: gratifying young adult romance novels or something thought-provoking that would impact them, and perhaps, change them for the better? Then, I would realize that I can choose both. With that, I would recommend Oscar Wilde’s The Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray, Michael…

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  • John Smith's Struggle In Jamestown

    similarly succeed in their endeavors (Bartlett 296). The settlement at Plymouth Bay for the pilgrims in 1620 was characterized by a harsh winter that led to the deaths of many settlers, forcing the pilgrims to adopt the farming techniques of the Indians in order to ensure bountiful harvests during the next harvest season. William Bradford forged an alliance with the Indian tribe that ensured that the pilgrims adopted best farming practices suited for the new land (Burnham…

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