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  • Theme Of Ignorance In Billy Budd

    I think the innocence of both Billy and Amasa is genuine. I also think that for both of them their innocence is bred from ignorance, but for different reasons. Billy is a foundling so most likely, as was the tradition of the time he was raised in a church sponsored orphanage. Due to upbringing he probably was quite naïve when it came to human behaviors. While the text made it clears that Billy was “angelic”, “innocent” and not too bright. I got the impression in a couple lines that Billy’s lack…

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  • Billy Strayhorn's Contributions To Music

    Billy Strayhorn was an incredibly gifted musician, as well as a talented arranger and composer, who was best known for his work while in the band Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. His love for music stemmed from his mother, a classically trained pianist, and from playing hymns on his grandmother’s piano at a young age. Strayhorn preferred to work in the shadows, content to arrange and compose music for the band as his employer wanted. Through working with Ellington, Strayhorn blossomed as an…

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  • Film Noir: A Literary Analysis

    Film Noir started when American film change its context to a much darker subject matter due to the aftermath of World War II. Based from the article of Christopher McColm, McColm gathers information to review the book “Blackout: World War II and the origins of Film Noir” whose author is Sheri Chinen Biesen. In the book, Biesen argues that the term noir emerged during the war era. Noir authors used the concept of post-war American angst to relay to the audience that noir fiction tends to…

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  • Sunset Clevard Film Analysis

    Even though film experts still debate what genre it best falls into, the 1950 Billy Wilder-directed film Sunset Boulevard is, in many respects, the archetypal film noir, and is also widely regarded as one of the most brutally honest depictions of Hollywood, by Hollywood. One of the biggest reasons Wilder’s film is viewed as such an exemplar of the film noir movement is its innovative use of lighting effects. Use of lighting can make or break a black-and-white film much more than it can one in…

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  • Sin City Film Analysis

    The overall aim of this essay is to compare the film Sin City with the classic style of film noir to see if there are any differences or similarities between them. The analysis focuses on four concepts that I believe are the most classic film-noir associations. Lighting, Femme fatale, a dark world and the protagonist. Already in the first scene a couple of things are established. The first scene is part of a side story that we only get to see in the beginning and again at the end of the film,…

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  • Tyler Durden In Fight Club And The Matrix

    Deep down, we are more excited by the attributes of the villain than those of the hero. Tyler Durden is the anarchist deep down all people want to be. He is grounded in reality, is a relatable person with worldly pain that rises to the challenge, and inspires thousands. Tyler is also a villain. The reader is more excited by the attributes of Tyler Durden than those of the narrator because deep down, humans love destruction, and Tyler does that best. Tyler makes people think, review their…

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  • The Theme Of Identity In Meg Cabot's All American Girl

    and by the time her next lesson came around she was not going to lose her pride again. Instead of going to her drawing lesson, Sam chose to go to a music store, Static. In the store she sat next to a middle-aged man in an army uniform, listening to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. They both exited out of Static and noticed that the president’s motorcade was coming. The flashing lights weren’t a big surprise; the fact that the president exited the limo was a surprise. Mr. Uptown Girl was retrieving…

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  • Psychoanalysis In Herman Melville's Billy Budd

    profounder understanding of their psychological state. Applying Freud’s psychoanalytic to an analysis of Herman Melville’s novella, Billy Budd, will shed light on certain aspects of the story. In particular, looking closely at…

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  • Audiovisual Techniques In Billy Elliot

    production design, acting, editing, and cinematography. Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry, is a great example of a film that expertly employs such audiovisual techniques. At face value, one can instantly get the mood from a scene in Billy Elliot, however it is through careful examination and dissection that one can obtain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and consideration that went into each shot. This paper will analyze the scene from Billy Elliot where,…

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  • Billy The Kid Research Paper

    transformation of William McCarty, the hard working ranch hand into “Billy the Kid,” the notorious western gunslinger. Taken into perspective, were it not for the fact that Billy’s cattle rustling caught the eye of John Tunstall, who persuaded the young outlaw to work for him and the fact that Tunstall was a successful enough rancher that he posed a real threat to the local cattle barons, the events that preceded the crime wave of “Billy the Kid” would have never occurred (Forsyth, Blakely, and…

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