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  • Case Study: Oriental Kuala Lumpur And Shangri-La Hotel Group

    Introductions The two 5-star accommodation properties have be chosen are Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur and Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is an international hotel investment and management group, which owns the top luxury hotels and resorts all over the world famous tourist sites. As of June 2013, the Group operates 45 hotels in 27 countries, 19 of which are located in Asia, 12 in the United States and 14 in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Mandarin…

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  • Importance Of Hotel Management

    Hotel management is considered to be one of the main elements of the proper management in the hospitality industry. Due to the increase in tourism, the demand in hotels is constantly increasing. Millions of people every year travel from country to country and they require a place for temporary living. Of course it is impossible to establish a hotel without the profound knowledge on the slightest peculiarities of this problem. Hotel business is quite a problematic one, so one should possess…

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  • Marina Bay Sands Case Study

    1.0 Introduction: Marina Bay Sands, first opened its doors on 17 February 2011. It is a hotel resort which is a modern architectural design, the look of three towers attached by a sky terrace above, designed by Moshe Safdie that took inspirations from card decks. Marina Bay Sands is developed by Las Vegas Sands, which property worth of 8 billion now. Moreover, it won the proposal to meet Singapore’s economic and tourism goals. Marina bay sands Singapore, its business is mainly hospitality.…

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  • Tegal Sari Hotel Case Study

    TITLE Tegal Sari: Affordable Luxury Hotel in Ubud, Bali Surrounded by Paddy Fields LEAD PARAGRAPH Who say luxury is expensive? You always pay for what you get, but that is not the case if you stay at Tegal Sari hotel in Ubud, Bali. This hotel, surrounded by paddy field, claims itself to be a two-star accommodation, but I think the term 'two stars' here doesn't represent its facilities, as what you get here is way more than just the one rated with two stars. In fact, nothing is rated with two…

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  • Ritz Carlton Case Study

    How does The Ritz-Carlton match up to competitive hotels? What are the key differences? The Ritz Carlton follows the five servqual dimensions to match up with competitive hotels. The hotel trains employees with high responsibility to help customers and provide prompt service. Secondly, the hotel managers assure knowledge and courtesy of employees. They have ability to convey trust and confidence for their clients. The hotel aims to solve all of customers‘ problems during their stay. Thirdly, the…

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  • Hotel Advantages And Disadvantages

    Growing up as a soccer player with a successful team, we traveled a lot. Often times the team decided to stay at a campground compared to a hotel. However, in high school as a part of the Speech and Debate Team, I traveled to hotels a lot. Each definitely has its own benefits and disadvantages. Deciding on the nature of the event in which a person is traveling for should open up their eyes to which option to take for their best interest, either camping or a hotel. Tough girls who played in the…

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  • Requirement Of Client Criticism In Management By Dave Smith

    Introduction In this present day time, salary and benefit are the prime needs of each business. In the accomplishment of a lodging, visitors play a key role,for illustration if visitors are fulfilled by the administration ,offices and are pulled in by the specific 's picture firm, its implying that firm is satisfying the clients ' requests. Then again if clients are not fulfilled by any item or firm, there is requirement for client criticism to know where the escape clauses are. This report…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Dream Vacation

    Every year you promise yourself, "I will travel more this year," but feel you must save up mega bucks first. Maybe before you tackle the "dream vacation" you should start small in an effort to sharpen your travel shopping skills. Today we will discuss how skipping that daily latte and brown bagging most of your meals, can easily turn into a weekend trip to Chicago or New Orleans - yes, it is possible check out the example below. Instead of buying...Save...For... 16 large lattes @ $4 =$64 or A…

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  • Online Reviews : Problem Solving And Engagement At Hotel, By Sun Young Park And Jonathan P. Allen

    The article, “Responding to Online Reviews: Problem Solving and Engagement in Hotels”, by Sun-Young Park and Jonathan P. Allen addresses hotel responses to Internet comments and how such reaction affect customer perceptions. It demonstrated that responses to reviews varied significantly by hotel, but by responding positively, hotels build customer relations. I selected this topic and article because I have a passion for the hotel industry and research shows that hotel response to online…

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  • Functions Of The Banquet Department

    The front desk staff may also provide labour to prepare the daily announcement board, an inside listing of the daily activities of the hotel (time, group, and room assignment), and marquee, the curb side message board, which includes the logo of the hotel and space for a message. Since the majority of banquet guests may not be registered guests in the hotel, the front office provides a logical communications centre. The daily posting of scheduled events on a felt board or an electronic bulletin…

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