Grunge Hotel Case Study

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As a consultant for Grunge Hotels, dissect its system of organization present tactical situation. Furthermore, Grunge Hotel's management are look for a detailed inspection on the organizational impact and related issues, and to find suitable solutions.
Grunge Hotel Group is headquartered in the UK, including 64 one-star hotels. Grunge Hotel Group has been developing with steady steps, enough cash flow, by purchase of old buildings, it would be rebuilt and refurbished make into a hotel. The Managing Director of the hotel group's goal is to become the best budget hotel chain in the UK. The hotel group in a number of tourist hotels on website traffic is not low, many travel experts and tourists evaluation of the Group's hotels are also quite
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Grunge Hotel Group needed a hotel reservation and administration system, are computer hotel booking system and management system, some called the (CRS) central reservation system. To facilitate the daily operation of the hotel management of external or internal needs. Established Hotel Group website and add hotel reservation function within the website. There are support mobile website page and established mobile apps. Booking tools can also be added to the hotel group's Facebook page. Let guests make a reservation via Facebook.
When the website was added to the hotel booking feature, potential customers of all the world has to use a computer on the Internet, they can booking hotel at any time of 24 hours a day. Help to improve more direct hotel reservations. Use centralized management mode, that available online booking all 64 hotels in Grunge Hotel Group for customers via a Hotel Group website. All room inventory data is the latest and updated automatically, it is reserved room will be immediately updated in the system. Accept credit card payment when booking, or make payment when client arrive
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Reduce investment in infrastructure, technology and personnel. One of the benefits of outsourcing can outsource the whole function or just part of the outsourcing. Outsourcing can be temporary or long-term arrangements, to fill the gap in the enterprise.
When search for outsourcing, hotel groups need to examine potential areas, departments and systems, in order to determine that which part should be outsourced. Outsourcing can make up some deficiencies of Hotel Group; the outsourcing company's expertise can make the process more professional, improving the quality of those areas.
Hotel reservation and management system is hotel group need to be outsourced. Because the hotel group did not familiar professionals staff to development the hotel systems. The market has a lot of maturity and has been in operation for a long time hotel system. It decreases development expense. Do not need to re-establish the server, because these hotel systems is online based, it can access anytime and anywhere as long as there are network. If the hotel system interfaces design and all functions are set up fulfill the hotel group requirements, it can be quickly launch to Hotel Group 64 hotels operation. The system will be updated regularly and backup daily. All records will be able to backup and convert to raw Excel files. Vendor will provide system training and 7 x 24 technical

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