Hilton: Brand Identity And Brand Strategy And Comparison

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Place: Around the world many Hilton hotels are situated in lovely locations, but many hotels are situated in the industry area where the hotels are reachable by all part of specific area and all actions take place. For making reservations it has the most excellent website, and it’s available for groups of visitors for making numerous online booking and the type of rooms accessible in all area for urgent booking the hotel creates correct phone contact of their hotel. In addition for bookings and query individual make a phone call to the hotel. How they can gratify the requirement of the customers on the phone without any future delay, what kind of querys is required by the customers, the hotel revealed when those phone calls are done. The …show more content…
Due to the large network the hotel groups has access to considerable dues to promote and supports its brand for its benefit of all hotel and franchise owners.
Analysis of Brand Identity and Brand Strategies: A complex package of experiences and images is a brand in their customer`s mind Hilton hotel has been recognized by internal brand as one of the top 20 global brands.
Brand identity Prism: The brand identity prism by Kapferer describes the brand through six different facets. The identity of a brand describes what makes it stand out and special, as well as the attractiveness of the brand. Initiated by reliability and reassurance, the traditional Hilton hotel values are fundamental part Hilton brand identity. Reliability is reflected in the scale of operations and presence in the market place that the Hilton hotel infrastructure allows.
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These all are the main offices of the Hilton hotel in different area of the world, these all work together as a team, whenever new product or new package these all launch in

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