Psycho Opening Scene Analysis

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Michael Luke Woolley
Professor Curley
English 251
3 November 2016
Long Cinematography Essay- Psycho Producing a successful movie means getting its purpose across to the audience efficiently. More so in a suspenseful picture, camera angles are a vital technique in achieving good responses from critics and the audience. Suspenseful movies use this technique to get the viewer to anticipate something to happen, without giving away what is about to transpire. Throughout Psycho, the use of camera angles allow us to get a sense of what Marion Crane and Norman Bates are thinking, contemplating as well as undergoing. At the beginning of Psycho, the emphasis is placed on Marion Crane, and the decisions she will make to get away from her current life.
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She eventually agrees, and unpacks as Norman heads off to the house at the top of the hill. All of the sudden, Marion hears Norman having a conversation with a woman about making food for a guest. The camera is watching her, as well as the window that she hears the voices coming from. She doesn’t look frightened, but instead she looks confused. It was this moment that the suspenseful side of Norman begins to portray itself. He then continues down to the motel with no continuance of the arguing between him and the female …show more content…
This allows the audience to feel like they are involved in uncovering the story. Scenes can often begin by panning a room showing close-ups of objects that explain plot elements” ( Camera usage has played a vital role in making a movie appeal to the audience since early films have been made. Alfred Hitchcock has mastered this technique in Psycho, as the emotions and intentions of both Norman and Marion were understood throughout the film. From the policeman following Marion and Norman peeping through the hole in the wall, the audience is at all times in touch with what the characters are feeling and thinking with the use of the camera angles utilized during scenes throughout Psycho.

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