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  • Social Bandit Definition

    A social bandit is someone “who is considered an outlaw by the legitimate law, while remaining a hero to the populace”(Occupied America, 144). A good example of a social bandit in today’s time would be Batman aka Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne shares many of the same characteristics to be considered a social bandit. Bruce witnessed his parent’s death first hand by the hands of a robber and vowed from that day to fight crime and rid the city of Gotham from criminals. As Bruce became Batman he helped…

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  • Into The Beautiful North Character Analysis

    In the novel Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea, he uses many different tools to help tell this story. This novel is about a young Mexican woman who sets out to the United States to bring back men to save their village from the bandidos, and to find her father who set out looking for work years ago. He eventually just stopped writing or sending money. Urrea has a great understanding of each side of the border since he was born in Mexico to an American mother and Mexican father. At a…

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  • Oppression Of Mexican Workers

    For a long time Mexicans have been blamed for many setbacks that have occurred. They have been exploited and taken advantage of, never acknowledged for their hard work. They were seen as communist and were to blame for the depression and loss of jobs in America as well. A handful of Mexicans were deported and were used for working purposes as contracts were made to have them work in the U.S. In 1929 the U.S. economy was in a fragile state where 2/3 of the population were living in a household…

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  • Analysis Of Sophie Treadwell's Expressionistic Play Machinal

    In Sophie Treadwell’s expressionistic play Machinal the audience is taken through the journey of the life of a young woman named Helen. The main character lives in a machine-like world. Everything and everyone runs like a machine. They all follow a basic plan and routine. The difference between the rest of the world and the main character is that she does not want to follow the same plan as everyone else. She wants to branch out and find her path. As the audience goes through each scene, they…

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  • Comparison Between 'Stand And Deliver'

    Have you ever had that one instructor that you will never forget for their inspirational words that encouraged you to thrive? Or on the other hand, instructors that made you doubt your own ability to succeed in life? Take a minute and reflect about the impact that a professor can have on you by helping you realize the importance of a good education. This type of impact can be either beneficial or can cause a negativity. It all depends if you decide to take the challenges set upon you, and if you…

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