Short Story Of Kilowatt: Third Generation Ultra

Kilowatt: Third Generation Ultra (working title)

He felt the rain pelt away at his suit as he watched intently through the filthy glass window. He could barely make out what the men in the warehouse were doing. Some recon mission. I’m so tired of him holding my hand like this. It was supposed to help mask his movements, and any noise he might make. For him, it was his training wheels, and he was ready to ride on his own. “Hey, Pop, ease up on the storm will ya? I can’t hear anything over your thundering.”
“Eh, mijo, no names, yeah? This is recon, not a picnic. It’s supposed to be hard. When you are out here on your own--”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. No names, mijo. When you are on your own, you won’t have me in your ear to help you, mijo,” he said.
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Little lightning bug. Hey you guys aren’t related or anything, right?”
Kilowatt stopped dead. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This basura was the one who took his father’s leg? All of a sudden, he couldn’t feel his legs anymore. He could feel bile rise up in protest of the revelation. He choked it back down, and without a second thought turned to Miguel.
“Hey! Over here you piece of shit. Yeah that’s right, you haven’t gotten me yet.” A shot rang out and he felt the bullet slice the air beside him. Miguel’s aim was better than he thought. He could feel the rage build within him, for his father. The air began to hum around him as he was electrifying the very atoms in the air.
Miguel felt his hair raise like when you rub a balloon on your head. The static in the air was thick, almost visible. Like a barrier you can feel but can’t see. He knew this too well, this feeling. He remembered that day with Thunderbolt so long ago. He was just a boy then, like this boy in the super suit now. He hated Ultras for everything they were. It was unnatural.
Kilowatt couldn’t contain it anymore. With burst of power and painful scream he released the building electricity within him in big Tesla-like arcs. Electricity shot in all directions, connecting with the surfaces closest to him, and he lit up like

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