Kilowatt: Third Generation Ultr Analysis

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Kilowatt: Third Generation Ultra (working title)

He felt the rain pelt away at his suit as he watched intently through the filthy glass window. He could barely make out what the men in the warehouse were doing. Some recon mission. I’m so tired of him holding my hand like this. It was supposed to help mask his movements, and any noise he might make. For him, it was his training wheels, and he was ready to ride on his own. “Hey, Pop, ease up on the storm will ya? I can’t hear anything over your thundering.”
“Eh, mijo, no names, yeah? This is recon, not a picnic. It’s supposed to be hard. When you are out here on your own--”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. No names, mijo. When you are on your own, you won’t have me in your ear to help you, mijo,” he said.
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I’m getting better and better with my abilities,” he said. “Mijo, I know, but making some YouTube videos isn’t experience. This is the real deal and those are real guns. You could get hurt if you aren’t careful. Or worse, you could kill someone with your gifts. That’s a stain you keep with you always.” “You mean, like you?” “Yeah, like me. Let’s get back to it, yeah?” Kilowatt listened intently as the men discussed their deal. “I got exactly what you ordered, right here man,” the man in the cheap suit said. Kilowatt could see the sleaziness oozing off of him. So, he is the dealer and the other men… maybe a part of Los Bandidos del Diablo? “I think these other men are part of that motorcycle gang, Los Bandidos del Diablo.”
Thunderbolt felt the blood drain from his face. Instinctively, he reached down toward the phantom itch just below his prosthetic. “Mijo, get out of there. Right now.”
“No way. I just about have the purchase recorded,” he said.
The biker stepped forward, “Hermanos, step up, take a look at these guns.”
“I swear, they’re the best money can buy. Hell, I’ll even throw in some ammo as a good faith offer. Whaddya say? You interested-o?”
Pendejo. Fucking moron. “They look good. How much for the
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Just because you let them take your leg doesn’t mean that it’ll happen to me too. We have to stop them!”
Thunderbolt tapped into his live feed from Kilowatt’s contact lenses. They allowed Thunderbolt to see through his son’s eyes, and in a way let him relive the glory days. Not that he would admit to that. For him, it was his way of protecting his son. Kilowatt had made him promise not to watch anymore. He needed to make his own mistakes. ¡Dios Mio! The man he saw in the leather jacket was Miguel. The head of Los Bandidos del Diablo. He reached for his phone; it was time to call in some back up.
Kilowatt sat still a little longer, still watching as the two armed bikers loaded the crates into the back of a Marco’s Fish Market van. A front company no doubt. Thought I smelled something fishy going on. Kilowatt rolled his eyes at his own corny thought as he worked up the courage to enter the warehouse. If he was careful, he could open the window and slide in. From there, he could pull the electricity from the lights, blacking out the room. As he sat there, poised for action, he could feel the electricity surge through his muscles, raising the hair on his arms and the back of his neck. He was

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