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  • Speech Recognition Research Paper

    Speech recognition is used for two main purposes. First and foremost dictation that is in the context of speech recognition is translation of spoken words into text. Second controlling the computer, that is to develop such software that probably would be capable of authorizing a user to operate different applications by voice [1].some of them described below: 1. People with disabilities can benefit from speech recognition programs. Speech recognition is especially useful for people who have…

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  • Hanson Robotics Case Study

    Recently, the Hanson Robotics, an artificial intelligence company in the United States, has attempted to create an AI with developed social skills. They have developed a social robot, named Sophia. She is able to process visual data, see people's faces, process conversational data, as well as emotional data. She could use these data to form relationships and socialize with humans. As for physicians coping with health care in hospitals, AI may replace physicians in some areas. For example,…

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  • Startup Cube Case Study

    4.3. Intelligent surface ecosystem The startup Cube was created to develop and commercialize a type of technological platform with the purpose to transform some surfaces (e.g. tables, walls) into a computer interface, like a touch screen. To do so, the entrepreneurs decided to build a complex ecosystem. First, they formed a network of application developers. Second, they also created a network of two start-ups, a R&D lab and a partnership with an established firm for developing the hardware…

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  • Steven Spielberg A. I. Artificial Intelligence Analysis

    Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) explores us to a future humanity full of intelligent machines. Throughout the movie, it is debated whether the “mecha” (robots) are as real as the “orga” (humans). This parallels the debate today on whether machines have the ability to truly know things the same way that we can, or whether they are only capable of doing what we program them to. The problem is the definition of knowing; it can be applied to shared knowledge as well as…

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  • Summary: The Imitation Game

    Movie: The Imitation Game Internet The imitation game is a movie about Alan Turing and the Enigma-code. He is a mathematical. The movie takes place in the WO2. The Germans had decrypted all their massages so that the American and the British army can’t understand and read the massages. Alan Turing should cracking the code. Under time pressure, he makes a machine who can crack the codes. After two years it finely worked. Now it was possible to read every massages. The Germans…

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  • Is Technology Hindering Us?

    concerning the end of all this. I disagree with Carr in that Google is up to no good and his thought about artificial intelligence. Google has helped create the world that now we live in and I believe that their plans for the future will only help. By opening new ways for humans to access new information, we will only expand our knowledge about technology. I personally believe that artificial intelligence will take over, probably not in my lifetime but it will happen. The reason for believing…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Who Am I?

    Many have probably asked this question at least once in their lifetime: Who am I? At least this is what I ponder at times, especially after watching science fiction movies like The Matrix or Her. Am I a human being, a high functioning artificial intelligence, or something else? Although it is fun to entertain the idea of what I am, I am almost certain that I am human. In this essay, I will argue that I know that I am a human being. I will begin by introducing the properties of human beings. Next…

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  • Surpass Artificial Intelligence

    The Technology Revolution: Why Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass Human Intelligence Technological advancements are nothing new to the twenty-first century. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is the most innovative accomplishment in modern technology. This intelligence is used in almost every technology sold on the market today, and engineers have only scratched the surface of what machines can do. Allowing these advancements to continue will not only diminish the requirement for human…

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  • Essay On How Technology Has Changed Health Care

    Throughout time the world has evolved. It has constantly changed, from our great ancestors discovering fire for the first time to the world’s first commercial jet pack and everything in between. As days go by technology continues to advance and thus keeps the world progressing, “By virtue of the intensive infiltration of digital devices into our daily lives, we have radically altered how we communicate with one another and with our entire social network at once” (Topol), Eric emphasizes the…

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  • Surrogacy: Surrogate Mothers

    children at the same time. Surrogacy has been a thorny issue. It should not be encouraged. There are two forms of surrogacy. In traditional, surrogate mother would use her own egg along with intended father’s sperm. The process is accomplished through artificial insemination. Therefore, surrogate mother is the genetic mother of the resulting baby. In gestational, only being the carrier of…

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