Importance Of Cpr Essay

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Many people have careers that they would love to go into. Some of us will risk our lives for others whether that is in the forces, medical field, fire department or police department. I think it should be required that we as people should have to learn CPR. It is unknown when something may happen that we must respond to. Although, those are some of the main careers that need to know how to perform CPR, we should all be required to take a class or learn how to perform CPR. Although, we may never have to use it, it would be a good tool to know how to do when dealing with an emergency. It is said to take an average emergency personal eight minutes to get to us. While that may appear long, the person who is not breathing could die possibly two …show more content…
If the mouth is closed I would advise to put fingers on the victim’s cheeks to try and securely open their mouth. While the mouth is open, check to see if there is anything in the mouth that can be obstructing their breathing. Making sure that if I see anything in the throat, that I don’t shove my fingers in too far in. Then I put my ear over the mouth and nose to see if I can hear any type of breathing. When starting CPR, it is important that I have my hands in the right places. With the heels of my hand on their breast bone. If I want to be more precise, it would be two finger widths above the meeting area of the lower ribs. Then, I would place my second hand on top of the first, interlock my fingers. All while lining my body directly over the position of my hands. I then must keep my arms straight and use all my upper body strength as firm pressure. In the meantime, I will do thirty chest compressions. A chest compression is pushing down about two inches on the breast bone and coming up in a faster rhythm. This helps to revive the heartbeat. While I am doing chest compressions I should minimize interruptions or breaks. Usually the breaks happen when people switch out from doing chest compressions and another person starts. It is very important that when doing CPR that we keep breaks under ten

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